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The Universal Sport GmbH has been designing and producing various sports equipment since its founding in 1982. In addition, a worldwide sales network has been continuously established. Meanwhile, the range of sports equipment ranges from the tennis net, the tennis net post, the tennis visor and the referee's chair to aluminum football goals and handball goals to players' cabins and complete basketball streetball facilities. As safety has become increasingly important in sports in recent years, we have decided to have our tennis benches, tennis net posts and beach volleyball posts as well as aluminum football goals or handball goals and other sports equipment tested for safety.
These sports equipment can be recognized by the GS mark.

In the production of our sports equipment, we place high importance on the best quality and functionality. Therefore, you will be guaranteed every tennis net, every tennis iris, every referee chair and all other sports equipment guaranteed.

You can get the new tennis visor, suction roll or the new tennis net, trawl etc. in our direct sales and pick-up market or you can order your tennis ball machine, your referee chair or several aluminum football goals or handball goals and maybe basketball street ball equipment conveniently in our online shop ,

Find out here online about our sports equipment. Whether referee chair, tennis iris, tennis net or tennis net posts as well as players' cabins, handball goals or aluminum football goals, we are gladly at your disposal for any questions by phone.


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