Equipment for many ball sports

Whether badminton, basketball, soccer, volleyball and other team sports or the new trend sports padel and pickleball, we offer our products. Compared to other manufacturers, we strive to achieve a high standard of quality. Our products are designed for frequent use and are notable for their durability.

Additional Weight Badminton Post Court Royal
Approx. 35 kg each for competition

Additional Weight for tournament request
Steel weight with handle, blue painted. Including bolts for attaching to universal posts Court Royal.  Weight 38 kg

Badminton Double Posts Court Royal
Space-saving badminton double posts with additional wieght, projection 58 cm with floor protecting rubber points on the supporting rope. Matching columns made of a 80 x 80 mm aluminium tube, complete with hooks and strap, painted blue

Badminton Net Court Royal Training
Made of 1 mm nylon cord, with tensioning cord. Size 6.10 m wide, 76 cm high. Mesh size 18 mm, edged all round.

Badminton Net Court Royal Olympia
Made of 1.2 mm nylon cord with tensioning steel wire, 6.60 m long. Size 6.02 m wide, 76 cm high, mesh size 18 mm, edged all round

Badminton Net Court Royal Super Cup
Made of 1.2 mm black nylon cord. Size 6.02 m wide, 76 cm high, mesh size 20 mm. Whith PES framing on top, 75 mm, with twisted PE rope 8,0 m. Both sides and bottom bordered with 30 mm black PES lateral framing. On both sides there are 5 velcro fasteners to attach the net to the posts.

Badminton Post Court Royal
Mobile Badminton Match Posts A top product from our own production in Schönaich, Germany. This product is the result of years of expertise and experience in the construction of badminton systems. These badminton posts can be ideally used for competition as well as school sports. A significant advantage is offered by the movable rubber wheels on the weight part. This enables the post weight incl. support of approx. 80 kg to be handled easily and safely. The individual aluminum posts with the dimensions 80x80 mm are simply plugged onto the pair of stands. They are equipped with hooks and tensioning straps. The front side of the posts is provided with an insertion for the sliding eyebolt slide. Pair of stands are painted with blue paint. The rear extension is about 70 cm and the width is about 86 cm. Equipped with floor-protecting rubber dots on the base. The post height including the base frame is 1.55 m.  At what height should a badminton net be installed? Height at the external posts: 155 cm Height in the middle: 152,4 cm

Badminton Post I Court Royal
option: 50x50
Compact playing posts for badminton Super compact play posts made of 50 x 50 mm aluminum profile. The post length is 185 cm and the ground sleeves have a height of 30 cm. This makes a height of 155 cm above the ground. Supplied the pair complete with hooks, two tension straps and ground sleeves. From our own production - Made in Germany

Badminton Post II Court Royal
The Badminton Classic Very sturdy and qualitative badminton playing posts made of aluminum in own production. The surface is technically anodized and has improved corrosion resistance. In addition, the surface hardness is significantly improved. Playing posts have a diameter of 83 mm. The posts are supplied complete with hooks, two tensioning straps and ground sleeves. Post height is 190 cm and the ground sleeves have a height of 35 cm. Accordingly, the posts maintain the specified height of 155 cm above the ground. In the middle of the posts a rail is fitted in which a hook slide with eyelets is attached in each post.  Included in delivery are 2 x 30809 tension belts.

Badminton Umpire Chair
Perfect for the badminton referee Elegant aluminum badminton umpire chair GS-approved according to DIN EN 131. Stable due to the sturdy bar ladder and the extending brace, as well as the four rubber pods. The base of the seat has an additional cross brace behind the UV-resistant blue plastic seat shell. Delivered complete with writing board to record the exact game session. Made in Germany. Technical details: Material: aluminum frame and UV-resistant plastic seat Weight: 15 kg Dimensions:(LxWxH)  131x52x190 cm Seat height:   155 cm Load capacity:  bis 150 kg

Ball Bag Court Royal
Ball bag for 10 balls made of close-meshed net with two large handles and zipper

Ball collector K-MAX
Suitable for tennis, padel & pickleball The new K-MAX with patented wire collecting system makes collecting balls easy. Simply roll the collector on the floor and the balls are quickly picked up into the drum. The drum is then emptied using the special opening system. The stainless steel handle is durable and equipped with a hanging device. K-MAX weighs only about 3 kg and has a capacity of about 60 balls. The wires are very stable and easy to replace. Suitable for artificial turf, hard, sand or grass pitches.  Technical details: Material: stainless steel, spring wire, PVC Balls: Tennis, Padel-Tennis, Pickleball Capacity: appr. 60 balls Weight: appr. 3 kg Height: appr. 135 cm Width: appr. 40 cm Scope of delivery: 1 x K-MAX 2 x spare wires Set of screws  Instruction manual

Ball machine Padel Tutor Plus
Designed especially for padel balls The Tennis Tutor Padel is a battery operated ball thrower and specially designed for padel balls.  With compact dimensions of 51x50x51 cm and a weight of only 21.6 kg, it is ideal for transportation. Thanks to the extendable handle and wheels, the machine can be pulled as a trolley. An individual adjustment of the ball speed is possible from a slow ball to a high-speed ball with fulminant 136 km/h. The trajectory can be varied between flat ball and lob, a regular ball sequence or random scatter angle in 1.5-10 seconds. The practical, fold-out ball container holds approx. 150 balls. With 4-6 hours of battery life, extensive training is easily possible without interruptions to recharge the ball thrower. The main difference between the Tennis Tutor Plus and the Padel Tutor Plus is that the Padel version has white ejection wheels built in. These are made differently on the surface and are designed for the best possible intake of padel balls.The ball machine is battery-operated and should not be operated with the charging cable plugged in. Technical details: Capacity: approx. 150 Bälle Dimensions (height x width x depth):  51x50x51 cm (closed) Weight (with battery): approx.  21,6 kg Power supply: battery operation Battery life:  4 - 6 hrs. Battery charging time: 12 hrs.  Ball sequence: 1,5  - 10 sec. Maximum speed: 136 km/h Trajectory:  short - long adjustable Ball type: topspin, spin, flat, slice Spread angle: one way and random Case:  plastic Remote control: wireless on/off

Ball Machine Pickleball Tutor Mini
The ultimate pickleball training opportunity The new ball thrower is a novelty and was designed specifically for pickleball. Fully equipped and incredibly user friendly. The compact design with 38 x 33 x 30 cm paired with a low weight of around 11 kg allows optimal transport. With the manual height control, a feed from groundstroke to lob is easily possible. Imposing ball speeds of up to approx. 80 Km/h cover every need. A regular ball sequence can be set individually between 2 and 10 seconds. Dynamic training is provided by an oscillator, which distributes the balls variably over the playing field. Great capacity of up to approx. 60 outdoor or indoor balls. Built-in rechargeable battery allows up to approximately three hours of play time per charge.The ball machine is battery-operated and should not be operated with the charging cable plugged in. Technical details: Ball capacity:  appr. 60 Balls Dimensions (HxWxD): 38 x 33 x 30 cm Weight (with battery):   appr. 11 kg Power: battery Batterielaufzeit:  2 – 3 hours Recharging time:  appr. 12 hours Ballfolge:  2-10 sec.  Höchstgeschwindigkeit:  appr. 80 km/h Flugbahn:  manually adjustable (lob/round shot) Ball type: indoor and outdoor Line-directions: one direction and randomly Housing:  plastic Remote control:  none, on-off switch

Ball sack Court Royal
Sturdy ball sack made of polyester with side ventilation nets and adjustable carrying strap.

Basketball Backboard 180 x 105 cm
Absolutely weather resistant, anti-vibration Fiberglass Board without holes. Wooden core for individual attachment.

Basketball Backboard 180 x 120 cm
Absolutely weather resistant, anti-vibration Fiberglass Board without holes. Wooden core for individual attachment.

Basketball Backboard Alu - 120 x 90 cm
Very stable anodized aluminum with reinforcement of the edges. Long-lasting and weather resistant. Perfect outdoor use. For highest demand. Vandalism-proof. Incl. DIN holes.

Basketball Backboard Heavy Duty – 135 x 90 cm
White powder coated 4 mm thick steel board in Fan design. Absolutely weatherproof. Including DIN holes.

Basketball Basket Big Duty
Indestructible basketball basket made of hot-dip galvanized steel. With DIN drill holes 11 x 9 cm.  Without net.

Basketball Basket DIN red
According to international standard. Red powder-coated, complete with back plate with DIN drill holes 11 x 9 cm. Without net.

Basketball Chain Net
Galvanized steel.

Basketball goal DIN – reinforced
Same as 30220, but with reinforced ring and bar, red powder-coated, complete with back plate. According to international standard with DIN drill holes 11 x 9 cm. EN 1270. Without net.

Basketball Goal Flex 70
Competition goal according to international standard. Double-spring retracting mechanism in self-contained safety cage. Resists loads of up to 70 kg on the ring. Red powder-coated with DIN drill holes 11 x 9 cm. EN 1270. Without net.