Aluminium Clay Spreader
The clay spreader from our own production is designed to level out unevenness on the tennis court. Filling smaller holes with brick dust is very easy with this device. The clay spreader is made of high-quality aluminum in our factory in Schönaich. The material thickness of 2 mm is strong enough to prevent bending and heavy enough to allow effective pushing. With a working width of 100 cm, you can work effectively and achieve quick results. The internally flattened outer edges ensure that excess brick dust does not over and is displaced over the sides. The handle holder has a diameter of approx. 26 mm and is designed for the corresponding wooden handle with a diameter of 28 mm and a tapered end which can be ordered separately as an additional accessory or from the drop-down menu. With a low weight of approx. one kilogram, the clay spreader can be operated easily and without great effort.  Technical details (approx.):  Working width 1000 mm Maximum height in the middle  105 mm Minimum height left and right 87 mm Material thickness 2 mm Handle diameter Ø 26 mm Weight without handle ca. 730 g Weight with handle ca. 1150 g

Aluminium Scraper
The new scraper is completely made of aluminum in our own production. We guarantee a long durability through accurate material selection - Made in Germany. The scraper has a total length of 80 cm and a total height of approx. 150 cm. Aluminium material thickness is extremely robust and 0.5 cm strong. With an additional center reinforcement of 0.3 cm thickness, the aluminum blade has been reinforced. At a gap of 4 cm are 20 sharp teeth, which guarantee an optimal roughening of the tennis surface in the shortest possible time. In addition, a flat edge at the rear ensures that the roughened material is leveled again directly. For this reason, the device is the perfect combination solution and does two work steps in one.  Notice ! A handle attachment is mounted in the center brace. You will find the suitable wooden handle in the drop-down selection above or by clicking on "Wooden handle" you will be forwarded directly. Technical details: Total length: 80 cm Total height:  approx. 150 cm Weight of the rail (without handle): approx. 1,85 kg Material thickness:  0.5 cm Height of the roughening bar (lower edge of teeth): 8 cm Height of roughening bar (upper edge of teeth): 10 cm Number of prongs: 20 pcs. Height of prongs: 2 cm  Width of prongs: 4 cm 

Aluminium Surface Profile Blade 80 cm or 150 cm
In our factory in Schönaich, high-quality aluminum is used to produce the surface profile blade in the length of 80 cm or 150 cm.  This surface smoothing device is designed to level your tennis court and produce a flat surface. With the rounded edges and the extra-reinforced center bar, energy-efficient work is guaranteed. In addition, the pressure is optimally balanced over the entire length. If you have small holes or bumps on the tennis court, you can also close them with the device. Depending on your preference, you can choose in the dropdown-menu between the length of 80 cm and 150 cm. We also offer the matching wooden handle. A handle holder with the diameter of 28 mm is attached to the center bar.  Technical details (approx.): Total length 80 cm or 150 cm Working width 9,9 cm Material thickness 0,4 cm Width of the edge 1,4 cm Handle holder Ø 28 mm weight without handle (80 cm) 1,8 kg weight without handle (150cm) 2,6 kg

Dressing Spreader
The perfect tool for the spring maintenance of clay courts. Used to compact or repair the tennis court surface. An application of the brick dust spreader is very easy with a low weight of only 3.2 kg. Spread new surface material on your tennis court, water it and then start the repair work. With the precision profile in trapezoid shape, an exact identification of the irregularities is ensured and the ground surface can be leveled equally. The central crossbar with handle device is designed to transmit the force uniformly along the entire length of the brick dust spreader.  Please select in our drop down menu if you would like to purchase the brick dust spreader with or without wooden handle. Technical details: Length: 1,90 m Width: 10 cm Material thickness: approx. 0,4 cm Weight without handle:  approx. 2,8 kg Weight with handle: approx. 3,2 kg

Hand Leveler
The extra wide hand leveler with 1.90 m, allows fast and quick work. One of the most important operations of the spring maintenance is the new distribution of the brick dust on the surface layer. You can use this hand leveler to precisely and smoothly slurry new surface material. It is important to water the tennis court enough.  Technical details (approx):  Length: 1,90 m Width of the aluminum profile:  4 cm Thickness of the aluminum profile: 0,4 cm Width of the bottom handle: 1,10 m Width of the top handle:  30 cm (rounded) Weight of the pulling bar: 1,0 kg Rubber bar length:   1,90 m  Rubber bar width:  6,1 cm Rubber bar thickness: 0,6 cm Weight without pulling bar: 3,3 kg Weight with pulling bar: 4,3 kg

Rubber Squeegee
Our rubber squeegee is the perfect tool to get the tennis court back in shape after an intense match or many practice hours. During a tennis session, small grain particles of the tennis surface are detached, which severely reduce the quality of the grip. These will not bond with the brick dust even after sufficient watering and must be removed. For this reason, our one meter wide rubber squeegee is just the right thing. You pull with the rubber lip over the tennis surface and remove the played out roll grain. In addition, small unevenness can be leveled. The device is made of weather-resistant aluminum and its middle reinforcement ensures perfect pressure balance and can be operated with a minimum of physical force.  Technical details: Total width: 100 cm Total height: approx. 150 cm Height of the rubber lip: 5 cm Width of the rubber lip: 0,8 cm Handle diameter: Ø approx. 26 cm  Weight of handle: approx. 250 g Weight Complete without handle:  approx. 1450 g