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Aluminium Clay Spreader Aluminium Clay Spreader
The clay spreader from our own production is designed to level out unevenness on the tennis court. Filling smaller holes with brick dust is very easy with this device. The clay spreader is made of high-quality aluminum in our factory in...
From €70.00 *
Aluminium Surface Profile Blade 80 cm Aluminium Surface Profile Blade 80 cm or 150 cm
In our factory in Schönaich, high-quality aluminum is used to produce the surface profile blade in the length of 80 cm or 150 cm . This surface smoothing device is designed to level your tennis court and produce a flat surface . With the...
From €99.00 *
Rubber Squeegee Rubber Squeegee
Our rubber squeegee is the perfect tool to get the tennis court back in shape after an intense match or many practice hours. During a tennis session, small grain particles of the tennis surface are detached , which severely reduce the...
€75.00 *
Aluminium Scraper Aluminium Scraper
The new scraper is completely made of aluminum in our own production. We guarantee a long durability through accurate material selection - Made in Germany. The scraper has a total length of 80 cm and a total height of approx. 150 cm ....
From €99.00 *
Hand Leveler Hand Leveler
The extra wide hand leveler with 1.90 m , allows fast and quick work. One of the most important operations of the spring maintenance is the new distribution of the brick dust on the surface layer. You can use this hand leveler to...
€235.00 *
Dressing Spreader Dressing Spreader
The perfect tool for the spring maintenance of clay courts. Used to compact or repair the tennis court surface. An application of the brick dust spreader is very easy with a low weight of only 3.2 kg . Spread new surface material on your...
From €169.00 *

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