Beach Volleyball Post Court Royal 83
Premium quality for your beach volleyball court The Olympic ball sport is increasing in popularity. Dynamic gameplay and jumps in the completely sand-covered court are usual. Like classic volleyball, the court is separated by a net, which hangs at a height of 2.43 m for men or 2.24 m for women. The beach volleyball posts made in our own production with a Ø 83 mm aluminum are continuously and smoothly adjustable in height. A high quality trapezoidal thread tensioning device, which is galvanized and mounted on an aluminum slide, makes this possible. The net is hooked into the tensioning mechanism from one side, and the net loop is slipped over the closed screw on the other side. Post length is 2950 mm. For use on the beach volleyball court, steel ground sleeves (ground sleeve Beach 83 - Article no. 30694) with a total length of 70 cm are recommended. In this context, 35 cm are to be fixed in the foundation and 35 cm in the sand. For hard court volleyball courts it is recommended to choose the ground sleeves made of aluminum (ground sleeve 83 mm - article no. 40401).  High safety standards of our own brand - Court Royal The posts comply with the functional and safety requirements of DIN EN 1271. Surface is completely yellow powder coated and particularly weather resistant. The posts are supplied without ground sleeves. Technical details: Post length:  2950 mm Diameter: 83 mm  Material:  aluminium Surface:  yellow powder coated  

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Beach Volleyball Marking Lines
9 x 18 m, made of polyester tape 50 mm, with loops at each corner and middle marking. Complies with the GVF (German Volleyball Federation) requirements. Wounded onto a plastic reel. Complete with 4 ground anchors. color: dark blue

Beach Volleyball Marking Lines - Turnier
9 x 18 m (or 8 x 16 m) with adjustable plastic corner elements, 50 mm wide PES-webbing and middle marking. Complete with 4 plastic ground anchors, 23 cm long and bungee tensioning ropes. color: dark blue.

Beach Volleyball Net Competition Net
Top 3 mm, low-stretch polyester tensioning rope, bottom 4 mm tensioning rope. With 4 tensioning cords as well as 75 mm wide coated edging in neon yellow. Mesh size 100 mm. Dimensions: 9,5 m x 1 m

Beach Volleyball Net Court Royal 2 mm
Black polyethylene net 2 mm, 9.5 m long, 1 m high,  with 50 mm wide coated edging in green. Mesh size 100 mm. Dimensions: 8,5 m x 1 m

Beachvolleyball antenna set
One-piece, with DVV (German Volleyball Federation) test symbol. Length 1,80 m, complete with holding flap in yellow made of coated polyester and marking line.

Ground sleeve for beach 700
Made of hot-dip galvanized steel for installation in sand fields, length 70 cm