Replacement absorbing drum for Universal Absorbing Roller
For Universal Absorbing Roller

Replacement roll of water dispenser scissors
Ersatzrolle zum neuen Wasserabroller Schere

Replacement rubber blade for Rubber Squeegee "Dry Court"
Replacement rubber blade for Rubber Squeegee "Dry Court"

Rubber Squeegee “Dry Court”
The aluminum water squeegee has a width of 145 cm and is equipped with two sturdy plastic wheels Ø 8 cm. Quick and easy assembly and disassembly thanks to the sturdy click system. The device is ideal for quick and easy removal of water spots, puddles, etc. The double elastic rubber strip is soft and prevents the scraper from stopping when moving. A handle height of approx. 100 cm enables back-friendly working. The smooth castors ensure perfect maneuverability.  Can also be used outside the tennis court. For example, golf greens, hard courts, cellars, tartan etc. can be dried. Long service life is guaranteed by stainless steel construction. 

Scissor suction roller
Quickly and reliably remove puddles on the tennis court With the newly designed and manufactured scissor suction cleaner it is possible to roll quickly over water spots and absorb the water with the suction sponge. If the sponge is full, it will be squeezed out again with the aluminum handles at the side of the court. Due to the use of the light metal aluminum, the scissor handles are absolutely high-quality and still have a low weight. Should the sponge not absorb optimally anymore or getting on in years, the suction cylinder can easily be replaced with the replacement roll made of special foam.  Please note that before using the sponge for the first time, "activate" it and fill it with water and squeeze it out again more often. Technische Daten:  Length including roller body: approx. 1440 mm Total width at the base: approx. 520 mm Width of roller body:   500 mm Suction capacity of the roller:  approx. 4,2 l Handle width at the top: approx. 520 mm Weight: 4 kg

Spare roller for water roller
Spare roller for water roller

Special water roller
Innovative maintenance tool that removes puddles of water from the tennis court in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the specially designed surface structure, the sponge roller has an enormous suction volume. In addition, sand or other materials do not stick. Extremely easy handling between benches and umpires' chairs is guaranteed. With the handles provided for this purpose, the sponge can be squeezed out in an upright position in a matter of seconds. Suitable for brick dust, quartz sand or hard court surfaces. Technical details:Width: 50 cmSponge Ø: 23 cmWeight: 4.9 kg

Tennis Court Drying Set
Our top seller sponge for puddles The tennis court drying set from our own production. Years of experience and many satisfied users. The set consists of a suction sponge with aluminum plate and handle, and a bucket with 25 l. Ideally suited for quickly sucking up puddles. Comfortable working in standing position without annoying bending. Suitable for all floor coverings.  Technical details: Dimensions sponge: 22 x 22 x 9 cm Height handle: 130 cm Bucket capacity: 25 l. Weight set: 3,2 kg

Tennis Court Drying Sponge
To soak up smaller puddles on the court. Dimensions: 50 x 80 x 8 cm

Universal Absorbing Roller Special
Court Dryer - Made in Germany With the universal absorbing roller special, the tennis court can be made playable in short time. Whether in rain or heavy irrigation. The working width of approx. 59 cm allows a quick water absorption. The roller has an enormous absorption capacity and is pressed out by an aluminum pressure roller. Water is then transported via a PVC hose into a plastic tub with a capacity of approx. 20 liters. The drum body as well as the housing are hot-dip galvanized with foam padding. Good handling is ensured by a water intake forward and backward. The roller can be adjusted in height. Suitable for all floor coverings. In case of wear, the complete absorbing drum or the foam covering can be replaced. Technical details (approx): Working width roller: 59 cm Total width: 90 cm Capacity tub: 20 l.

Water Roller
Foam rubber roller with handle. To clear puddles from hard courts, 90 cm wide. All metal parts galvanized.