Stabilizing bracket for basketball board
Additionally for all basketball boards. Provides an even better stabilization of the board and reduces oscillations and vibrations.

Streetball Set Street
Weather-resistant plastic backboard 112 x 73 cm. Complete with basket and net

Streetball Unit Atlanta
Free-standing, robust mobile system made from powder-coated steel tubing approx. 95 mm Ø.  The base can be filled with sand (approx. 190 kg). Weather-resistant, recyclable plastic backboard 112 x 73 cm complete with solid steel basket 45 cm Ø and nylon net. Basket height 3.05 m.

Streetball Unit Los Angeles
Mobile basketball system With the Los Angeles basketball system, any free space, backyard, garden or sports hall can be used as a playground. Two transport wheels ensure that the unit can be moved without any problems. To allow the equipment to stand during dynamic games, the base can be filled with water or sand (approx. 190 kg). A solid base is provided by the triangular support bar structure. On the surface of the base is a small notch in which the basketball can be stored during breaks. Height adjustable in 5-stages Professional dimensions - By using a lever, the height of the basket can be adjusted in five steps from approx. 225 cm (children) up to 305 cm (competitive game). The pole is made of three powder-coated steel tubes with a Ø 75 mm. Weatherproof game board with dimensions 112x73 cm is made of plastic and has a thickness of about 2 mm. With a Ø 45 cm, the solid steel basket is supplied with a quality all-weather nylon net in classic tricolore. The extension from the pole to the game board is about 60 cm. Selection of sturdy materials will make this streetball unit especially durable. Technical details: Material frame: steel Material board: plastic Material basket: steel Material net: Nylon Color frame: Black Color board:  Black, Orange Color basket:  Black Color net: Red, White, Blue  Dimensions (approx.): Max. Total height:  up to 3,60 m   Basket height: 2,25 m to 3,05 m  Dimensions board:  112 x 73 cm Dimensions stand: 110 x 75 x 20 cm (LxWxH) Ø basket:  45 cm Ø rack-tube: 25 mm Ø projection tube: 40 mm Ø pole: 75 mm

Streetball Unit New York
Basketball hoop for hobby use The height-adjustable streetball unit is suitable for amateur play. Thanks to the special U - screws, the basket can be mounted continuously at any height up to 305 cm. For kids and teens the game height of 245 - 275 cm can be easily achieved. The pole is made of three powder-coated steel tubes with a Ø of 90 mm. The game board with 112 x 73 cm is made of plastic and is about 2 mm thick. Made of solid steel, the Ø 45 cm ring is equipped with a weather-resistant Tricolor nylon net. The extension from the mast to the game board is about 60 cm. Concreting in the ground  The system is specially designed to be set in concrete or buried in the ground. A hole of Ø 60 cm and depth of approx. 70 cm should be made first. After concreting, the unit should be located 60 cm below and 260 cm above the ground.  Technical details (approx.): Height: up to 305 cm Mast Ø: 90 mm Playing board: 112 x 73 cm Board thickness: 2 mm  Ring Ø: 45 mm  Extension: 60 cm

Wall Mount drill holes 11 x 9 mm
Wall fastening with approx. 30 cm extension. DIN drill holes 11 x 9 mm

Wall Mount drill holes 7.5 x 6.5 mm
Wall fastening with approx. 30 cm extension.. DIN drill holes 7,5 x 6,5 mm.