Wheelbarrow Court Royal
Perfect transport tool for the tennis court This wheelbarrow is absolutely recommended for transporting sand on your tennis court. The large plastic tray provides optimal space for sand or other waste such as leaves or grass. The tray is made of polyethylene and has a wall thickness of 6 mm. Thanks to a 1 " steel tube frame, the wheelbarrow has a stable surrounding edge. 

Wheelbarrow Standard
Wheelbarrow Standard 85l. - The Allrounder  With a capacity of 85 l. the wheelbarrow standard provides enough space to transport tennis sand or other debris. The qualitative material selection allows a load capacity of up to 240 kg. Cross-Chassis is made of solid plastic-coated steel tubes. The galvanized steel tub has a circumferentially wide beaded edge. A pneumatic support wheel on steel rims with the dimensions 4.80 - 4.00 - 8 ensures easy handling. Special wooden handles for firm grip in any situation.  Technical details: dimensions tub (lxwxh) 86 x 60 x 30 cm length cart  125 cm width cart 60 cm height cart  60 cm  net weight 16 kg  color  turquoise

Wheelbarrow Universal 100 l
The transport professional An incredible capacity of 100 l. puts no limits on your ability to transport work equipment and tennis sand. A total load capacity of 300 kg is possible. This is made possible by a high-class chassis, which is made of solid plastic-coated steel tubes. The designed side tipping bars allow a better emptying of the cart. Two air-filled rubber wheels with dimensions 4.80/4.00 - 8 give the wheelbarrow sufficient stability. A seamlessly pressed, galvanized tray with all-round wide beaded edge ensures easy loading and unloading. Plastic handles provide excellent handling. The wheelbarrow Universal is durable and stands out especially for its quality.  Technical details:  length cart appr. 140 cm width cart appr. 70 cm height cart appr. 60 cm net weight appr. 19 kg  color  green