Advertising Bench Freiburg GFK
2 all-plastic legs and 5 multi-chamber plastic slats serving as a seat and a KU backrest for easy attachment of advertising stickers. This exclusive, high-quality GFK model is very robust and specially developed for extremely hot regions.

Advertising Umpire Chair Court Royal Deluxe Grand Prix
Quality and certified safety from our own production Do you need a professional referee chair for a hobby or tournament match? Then our online store is the perfect place for all of your wishes. As a manufacturer of these products, we focus on functionality and sustainability in addition to the safety of our customers. The selection and combination of premium materials not only ensure a long durability but also a higher prestige of your court. According to DIN 33941-1, the first-class aluminum referee chair is supplied with two advertising panels on the sides, made of 10 mm PVC sheets without advertising print. The ladder section with its particularly wide, non-slip steps and the extended support with four foot plates give this chair optimum stability in any location. A storage tray between the ladder section and column provides additional cross reinforcement and allows writing utensils and luggage to be stowed away.  At the back of the UV-resistant, white plastic shell seat, the seat holder also has a cross bar. A flip-up plastic writing board is included for you to self-assemble. The seat height is localized at 185 cm and provides a perfect overview. This chair is available in white and other RAL colors are available on request.  Technical details: Height: 221 cm Width: 76 cm Length:  150 cm Color:  white (other RAL colors on request) Material: Aluminum Safety: GS-tested Seat height:  185 cm The perfect advertising for your club If a printable file is provided, the side panels can be equipped with 4-color digital printing. This allows you to attract sponsors and generate additional income. The advertising print is applied in high quality and can resist the weather and sunlight. In addition to the attractive appearance of the facility, the advertising umpire's chair is in constant use, especially in famous Bundesliga clubs and on the WTA and ATP Tour. Interested in a great advertising appearance? Then click on "Court Royal Grand-Prix umpire chair printing"

Bench Berlin - white or green
3 plastic legs and 9 multi-chamber plastic slats. Proven high-quality. Weight: 16,8 kg. Made in Germany. 1 Bench in 1 Carton: 201 x 72 x14 cm  weight: 19,60 kg Max 12 pieces on one palett

Bench Cologne
Proven and short 2-seater model with backrest and 1.20 m. Thanks to its compact length, this bench can be used anywhere. It is made of two solid plastic legs and special 9 multi-chamber profile slats. In order to guarantee long durability of the benches, it is necessary to select high quality materials.This is why the Cologne tennis court bench is made of lightweight and absolutely weatherproof plastic. The bench can be completely disassembled and stowed away to save space before the cold winter weather sets in. Due to its low weight of approx. 10.7 kg, it can be transported quickly and easily. Wide plastic feet, which are also equipped with a screw-on device, ensure a secure stand. The Cologne tennis court bench can be ordered in white, green or anthracite using the drop-down menu. Made in Germany, it offers you the best quality and durability at a fair price. Technical details: Length: 120 cm Weight: approx. 10,7  kg Persons:  up to 2 persons Load capacity: 160 kg Seat depth:  54 cm Seat height: 44 cm Seat size:  120 x 38 cm Seat back height: 35 cm Base:  91 x 54 cm Number of slats: 9 Dimensions of the bench slat (LxWxH):  120 x 5 x 3 cm Delivery details: Packaging for one bench: 1 box 123 x 75 x 14 cm / 13 kg Maximum number on one pallet:  15 benches

Bench Freiburg
The Freiburg tennis court bench is our number one seller on the tennis court. The 1.50 m bench fits perfectly on any sideline and can accommodate up to three people. This bench is absolutely carefree and is made of weather-resistant plastic and can therefore remain in location all year through. Completely removable and can be recycled. Equipped with two solid plastic feet and a reinforcement bracket in the middle, the bench ensures a secure stand and high resilience. It can be moved quickly due to its low weight of approx. 13.6 kg. It is possible to attach the bench base to the floor. Manufactured in Germany, we guarantee you the best quality at fair prices. Select the matching color in white or green for your tennis court in the drop down menu. Technical data: Length: 150 cm Weight: 13,6 kg Number of people: up to 3 persons Load capacity: 240 kg Seat depth: 38 cm Seat height: 44 cm Seat size:  150 x 38 cm Seat back height:  35 cm Base:  112 x 54 cm Number of slats: 9 pieces Dimensions of the bench slats (LxWxH):  150 x 5 x 3 cm  Delivery information: Packaging for one bench: One cardboard: 153 x 70 x 13 cm / 16,9 kg Maximum quantity on one pallet: 15 benches

Bench Helgoland
Helgoland is not just a tourist destination on the North Sea, but an icon among sports court benches. Get comfortable and enjoy the premium comfort. The ergonomic backrest adapts perfectly to your spine. The 13 multi-chamber profiles and a reinforcement bracket in the middle ensure perfect stability. Mounting is very easy using the screw set supplied. A length of 150 cm offers enough seating space for up to three people. Thanks to the two solid plastic feet, a maximum load capacity of approx. 240 kg is guaranteed. A footprint of 111 x 64 cm means it fits perfectly on any tennis court. A secure attachment to the floor is provided. A weight of just 17.5 kg makes the bench easy to transport. Choose between white and green via the drop-down menu. Technical data: Length:  150 cm Weight: 17,5 kg Number of persons:  up to 3 persons Load capacity: 240 kg Seat depth:  64 cm Seat height: 45 cm Seat surface: 150 x 45 cm Seat back height: 40 cm Footprint:  111 x 64 cm Number of slats:  13 pieces Dimensions of the bench slat (LxWxH):  150 x 5 x 3 cm Delivery information: Packaging for one bench: One cardboard : 52 x 67 x 21 cm / 21 kg Maximum quantity on one pallet: Max. 8 pieces on one palett.

Bench Hohenzollern
Elegant, yet extremely robust bench for tennis courts and outdoor use. With armrests, seat width 150 cm, seat depth 50 cm. Solid plastic construction with integrated, stainless steel brackets. Seat and back are supplied preassembled to make setting up easier.

Bench Munich - white or green
150 cm long, white 2 plastic legs and 5 multi-chamber plastic slats, without backrest and therefore usable from both sides. Practical and comfortable to sit on. Weight: 7,5 kg. Made in Germany.  1 carton: 153 x 38 x 13 cm / 9 kg Max. 24 pieces on one palett.

Bench package cologne white
2 Benches "cologne" white

€280.00* €330.00* (15.15% saved)
Bench Sindelfingen - white or green
200 cm long, white or green 3 plastic legs and 12 multi-chamber plastic slats. Practical and comfortable to sit on. Weight approx. 24,3 kg. Made in Germany. 1 carton: 200 x 70 x 21,5 / 27,8 kgMax 8 pieces on one palett

Bench Stuttgart
Compared to the Munich bench, this model has a length of 200 cm. Equipped with a complete of three solid plastic feet, it guarantees sufficient stability. A major advantage - up to three people can be seated. High seating comfort and double-sided usability are possible. The weight is approx. 9.9 kg. This bench is available in white and green. Delivery details: Packaging for one bench: 1 box: 200 x 42 x 13 / 11.4 kg Maximum number on one pallet:  24 benches

Deluxe Tennis Bench
Our newly designed tennis court bench has everything you could wish for. Plenty of space (approximately 100 x 45 cm) in the middle for bags and rackets, two comfortable seats, with plastic-, weather- and light-resistant seat pads, 57 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Super robust design. A first class product. Color: white

Note board for Umpires Chair
Writing board with 53x15x1 cm for referee chair.

Players‘ Bench Grand Slam Aluminum 150 cm long
The bench is an ideal advertising medium and is used worldwide at international tennis tournaments and in football stadiums. High-quality aluminum construction, white powder-coated. The seating surface consists of 5 multi-chamber profile slats, supplied in four parts, easy assembly. The 10 mm PVC advertising panels are preassembled without an advertising logo. Weight 27 kg.

Scoreboard Umpires Chair
To mount on all umpire chairs. Display on front and back. The umpire flips over a card after each game. Complete with mounting hardware. 

Seat - red for Umpire Chair old version
Seat - red for Umpire Chair (old version)

Seat Court Royal in 5 different colors
Seat Court Royal in 5 different colors

Umbrella for Umpire Chairs - 3 different colors
Very solid, tiltable parasol, 150 cm diameter with a quick release device, including fittings. Color: red, green and blue

Umbrella holder for plastic benches
From now on you are sitting in the shade. The new umbrella holder, made of aluminium, can be screwed onto th existing screws of the benches Cologne, Freiburg and Berlin. Suitable for umbrellas with a diameter of 25 mm.

Umbrella Holder for Players‘ Bench
Made of white, powder-coated aluminium, with fittings for easy mounting.

Umbrella Nuovo in 3 different colors
Very solid, tiltable parasol, 150 cm diameter with a quick release device. 8 pieces, made of 100% polyester fabric, approx. 160g/qm, weatherproof. Fits the umbrella holder for plastic benches as well as the Robusto umbrella stand. Color: red, green and blue

Umbrella Stand "Sun"
Very stable umbrella stand made of plastic, with rotatable support that can be adapted to different diameters. The stand can be filled with water or sand.  Dimensions: 45 x 46 cm 

Umpire Chair Court Royal Deluxe- white, green or black
Perfect view with our umpire chair  We manufacture our Court Royal Deluxe from high-quality aluminum in large parts by hand. How high should a tennis umpire's chair be?  In order to have the entire sports or tennis court in full view, the umpire's chair needs to be at an appropriate height. For this reason, the chair is manufactured in accordance with ITF, ATP and WTA standards. The total height is 2.21 m, the seat height is 1.85 m. The safety of our customers is a priority in the manufacture of our products. The tennis umpire chair is equipped with wide, non-slip steps with small ribs to guarantee a good grip. Various safety regulations have been implemented to ensure that the referee's chair stands securely on any surface. To increase the support surface and prevent it from sinking into the floor, the footrests are equipped with a plate. In addition, a tray is fitted as an additional stabilizer, on which drinks or writing materials can be placed.   We have tested our referee's chair and it has been certified with the Intertek "GS tested" seal in accordance with the DIN EN 131 standard. Ideal sitting comfort thanks to premium seat shell Our seat shell made of high-quality plastic ensures ideal comfort. It is manufactured with the dimensions 35x40x40 cm (WxDxH). In order to be able to lean back comfortably, a cross bar is fitted behind the seat shell as a support. The writing pad also serves as a safety factor and as an armrest. The Court Royal Deluxe umpire chair is available in natural aluminum, white, green and black powder-coated with high-quality paints and processes (except natural aluminum) to match the design of your tennis court. This makes your chair absolutely UV and weather-resistant and easy to clean.  Technical details: Total height: 221 cm Seat height: 185 cm Width: 76 cn Extension:  150 cm Seat shell dimensions (WxDxH): 35x40x40 cm

From €660.00*
Umpires Chair Court Royal Tournament
High-quality tennis umpire chair This high-quality aluminum umpire chair is manufactured in Schönaich, Germany. Optimum stability is guaranteed by a stable rung ladder and four supports with foot plates. The five cross struts serve as steps to access the seat. An additional cross strut on the top serves as a seat holder for the bucket seat. This is particularly robust and is made of weather-resistant material. It is therefore absolutely UV-resistant. In addition to the fall protection, the foldable writing board mounted on the frame serves as the perfect surface for writing down scores or tactical instructions. This board is included for self-assembly. A red seat shell with the dimensions (WxDxH) 35x40x40 cm is included. Please contact us for individual color requests for the seat shell. Technical details:Total height:221 cmSeat height:185 cmProjection:150 cmWidth:73 cm Your safety is important to us!With the Court Royal tournament, we meet all functional and safety requirements in accordance with DIN 33941-1 and are certified with the Intertek seal (GS mark) for tested safety. In addition, all dimensions comply with ITF, ATP or WTA specifications. Shipping and payment conditions for our umpire chair Due to its size, the umpire chair is shipped exclusively by a forwarding agent. We also stock these products in our large warehouse and, as the manufacturer, are always able to produce the goods for you or ship them directly. You can also choose between various payment options in our Universal Sport online store. Choose the method that suits you best. If you have any questions, you can contact our team at any time.