Drain Cleaner A
Premium steel drain cleaner With the drain cleaner made of hot-dip galvanized steel from our own production, you can easily and conveniently clean your drains or narrow cross channels. Open the locking grid and drive the cleaner through the drain. Leaves, sand, dirt and other garbage can be removed very easily. The device is delivered complete with handle and has a comfortable and back-friendly working height. Technical details (approx): Width: 5 cm Length: 40 cm Height: 4 cm Handle holder Ø: 28 mm

Drain Cleaner D
The ideal drain cleaner for ACO as well as other water drains and cross gutters. Made of steel, painted red and is delivered with a wooden handle.The working width of approx. 10 cm offers the optimal size to remove all leaves, dirt, mud or anything else from the drainage channels. You can also use the edge to loosen stuck dirt and then pick it up. Technical details (approx): Width: 10 cm Length to the handle: 29,5 cm Height of the drain cleaner: 7 cm Total length with handle: 38,5 cm Handle holder Ø:  38 mm

Rubber Rakes
For fast removal of leaves and rubbish, without handle. 50 cm wide, without handle.