Court Royal Pointer Heavy II - 3 Colors
A new generation - Court Royal Pointer Heavy II With the Court Royal Pointer Heavy II, you will experience a further development in the quality and functionality of our display devices. They are manufactured from plastic sheets (ABS) in 4 mm injection molding. This makes the Heavy II extremely robust, weatherproof and lightfast. Even after many years, the scoreboard withstands the sun's rays and shines in beautiful colors. The scoreboard is available in three colors: green, white and blue. Simple installation The scoreboard is equipped with six sturdy, easily rotatable and non-sticky turntables. They have a good height of 7 cm and are therefore very easy to read. The number sequence is 0 to 7. In addition, the Heavy II can be read on both sides and is clearly divided into Home and Guest. Technical data: Overall size: 46 x 60 cm Height of the numbers: 7 cmLegibility: both sidesNumber of disks: 6

Court Royal Pointer Heavy II freestanding - 3 colors
The new generation of the Court Royal Pointer II is a further development in quality and functionality to an attractive price. The fully-moulded and deepdrawn 4 mm ABS plastic plates are very robust, weather-resistant and non-fade. 6 stable easily rotatable, non-adherent turnables with 7 cm high, clearly legible numbers are hallmarks of this top product. The Court Royal Pointer can be displayed on both sides and due tits improved design with Home and Guest, it has a better clarity. Stable, fillable with sand plastic base with aluminium rods for fixing the Court Royal Pointers.  Size: 46 x 60 cm with 7 cm high numbers.

COURT ROYAL POINTER PAKET (2 x Court Royal Pointer)
color: white
Die neue Generation der Court Royal Pointer ist eine Weiterentwicklung in Qualität und Funktionalität zu einem besonders attraktiven Preis. Die im Spritzguss hergestellten Kunststoff Platten sind sehr robust, witterungsbeständig und lichtecht.Zum Anbringen am Zaun.Größe ca. 46 x 60 cm mit 7 cm hohen Zahlen.2 x Art. 40832 à € 96,-  = € 192,-Sie sparen 42,- €

Match Pointer BIG blue 46 x 65 cm
The scoreboard with 6 adjustment discs for 3 scores. Display on both sides, improved design, even clearer, very readable, made of weatherproof, lightfast plastic. Easy to attach to the fence or net. Compl. with fastening hooks. Size 46 x 65 cm with 8 cm high digits.

Match Pointer Scoreboard - 4 different sizes
With 6 adjustable disks for 3 set scores. Display on front and back. Clearly laid out, easy-to-read design. Sturdy, weather-resistant constuction from light-resistant plastic and rust-proof hardware. Easy mounting on fence or net, complete with fence mount. Model Super Big internationalSize: 65 x 96 cm with 12 cm high numbers Model Super internationalSize: 56 x 80 cm with 10 cm high numbers Model Big InternationalSize: 46 x 65 cm with 8 cm high numbers Model Little InternationalSize: 35 x 50 cm with 6 cm high numbers

Match Pointer Scoreboard Free-Standing - 2 different sizes
With 6 adjustable disks for 3 set scores. Display on front and back. Clearly laid out, easy-to-read design. Sturdy, weather-resistant construction from light-resistant plastic and rust-proof hardware. Sturdy aluminum stand with support bar and fillable plastic foot. Model Big InternationalSize: 46 x 65 cm, with 8 cm high numbers Model Super Big InternationalSize: 65 x 96 cm, with 12 cm high numbers

Match Pointer separate spray
Zum Reinigen der Scheiben

Practical and transportable  The new Scoreboard from Court Royal can be simply put over the net. The games are shown on both sides by flipping over the approx. 11 cm large numbers. This is made possible by printing the numbers on both sides of the plastic sheets. Due to the smooth surface, the device has excellent weather resistance and is easy to clean. Counting from 0 - 9 without any problems. Incl. bag. Size: 15 x 18 cm

Scoreboard Umpires Chair
To mount on all umpire chairs. Display on front and back. The umpire flips over a card after each game. Complete with mounting hardware. 

SCORLI Carrying Case
For storing and transporting the display device. With shoulder strap and two carrying handles made of durable material

Scorli Control Bracelet
We are convinced that the newly developed Scorli watch will take your padel experience to a new dimension. During the game you can update the score on the Scorli screen in real time via the watch. This even works from up to 50 meters away.

Scorli LED-Scoreboard
Electronic scoreboard in real-time with wifi-card for advertisement The Scorli scoreboard is an electronic LED scoreboard for indoor and outdoor use. Results and scores can be transmitted directly via Bluetooth in real time from a tablet or smartphone (iOS+Android). The device is controlled with the free Scorli app. Marketing material such as advertising banners can be easily uploaded via the app. There are no limits to your creativity. The display device can record all tournament results in all team sports and individual sports. Delivered without tripod. For the following disciplines:  tennis table tennis squash badminton padel volleyball and beach volleyball soccer streetball (3 vs. 3 / 5 vs. 5) basketball Technische Daten: Screen resolution: 128 x 96 pixel Display size: 0,64 m x 0,48 m = 0,3072 m² Weight:  13 kg Wi-Fi card:  Yes Display: Text and graphics (advertising / logo) Visibility: 70-80 m in daylight Bluetooth: 4.0 up to 60 meters range

Variants from €2,370.00*
Scorli LED-Scoreboard BIG 128x96 cm
LED scoreboard with wifi-card for advertisement Electronic scoreboard for indoor and outdoor use in real time. Scores and results are transmitted directly via Bluetooth from tablet or smartphone (Android + iOS). The electronic scoreboard's own operating system with SCOLI software and app allows trouble-free data transmission with a range of up to 100 meters. Advertisement and other information can additionally be sent via PC interface with optional Wi-Fi Card and pre-installed app from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Technical details: Screen resolution:  128 x 96 pixel Display size: 128 x 96 cm (B x H) Weight: 45 kg Wi-Fi card: (optional) TF-E6UW+hub75E005 Display: Text and graphics Visibility by day up to:  100 m Bluetooth  Bluetooth 4.0 range up to 70 meters

Spare number disks for all Match Pointer
One set contains 6 disks, Model Little 6 cm numbersModel Big 8 cm numbersModel Super 10 cm numbersModel Super Big 12 cm numbers