Line Lightning Sweeper
Clean tennis lines in a flash  The line flash is made of synthetic material and is absolutly weatherproof. Special design allows cleaning at any angle (children and adults). Sweeping of grooves next to the lines is avoided by plastic blades. Long durability is ensured by the dust-protected bearing of the roller drive. Wear parts can be easily replaced at any time. Please click on the word "wear parts" for this purpose.  Technical details: Width plastic blade  5 cm Total width appr. 21,5 cm Diameter appr. 16 cm 

Line Master Court Royal
The bestseller in the USA The advanced line sweeper from our own production. Solid rubber wheels and the plastic brush driven by friction drive clean lines effortlessly. Excellent quality is ensured by a robust aluminum housing. In addition to good handling, the device is characterized by long durability. An ergonomically curved handle allows efficient work.  Technical details:  brush width: appr. 6 cm total width: appr. 19 cm height: appr. 123 cm

Match Liner
GAME, SET AND MATCH LINER  The MATCH LINER is a newly developed line sweeper with excelllent handling. The smooth-running design made of weather-resistant and abrasion-proof materials ensures long durability. A special brush drive ensures that rolling of the drive wheels moves the brush in the opposite direction. As a result, the dirt can be easily brushed away from the line. The device is available with a 4 cm and 5 cm wide brush. Sturdy plastic wheels with profile ensure a perfect grip. MATCH LINER is suitable for all types of tennis lines. Technical details: Brush width: 4 cm Total width: appr. 12 cm Diameter:  appr. 18 cm

Replacement brush for Match Liner
Replacement brush for Match Liner

Wear parts for Line Lightning Sweeper
Different wear parts for Line Lightning Sweeper

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