Padel Court Royal 

The new padel court model complies with the regulations of the German Padel Federation (DPB) and the International Padel Federation (FIP). The system consists of a load-bearing steel construction, safety glass, wire mesh panels, artificial turf measuring 10x20 m and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Court Royal padel system is designed for permanent installation in a fixed location. The system can also be equipped with four floodlight masts including LED spotlights in accordance with EN 12193 (not included). The complete steel construction in accordance with EN 10219 is made of hot-dip galvanized steel and is painted with a thermosetting polyester paint. This combination ensures very good weather resistance. The 20 columns with a profile of 80x80x2mm and a height of 3 meters form the supporting element. In addition, there are 30 steel frames to which the glass and wire mesh panels are attached. Wire mesh panels are attached to the frames on the sides and above the rear walls. These are reinforced with two transverse steel tubes and have a mesh size of 48x48x4 mm. All screws are made of rustproof and acid-resistant stainless steel. For an attractive appearance, the four corners of the structure are rounded on the outside with steel profiles. Two free entrances in WPT design with a width of 100 cm allow for quick entry and exit. The construction can be selected in green (RAL6005), blue (RAL5017), dark gray (RAL7016) and black (RAL9004). A total of 18 glass panels measuring 2,995 x 1,995 mm made of toughened safety glass in accordance with EN 12150 and a thickness of 10 mm are fixed in the frames. High-quality rubber seals with a thickness of 5 mm absorb shocks and vibrations against the steel structure. There are six holes in a glass panel in which special countersunk screws connect the pane to the frame. The floor covering is a green quartz sand-filled artificial turf according to EN 147301 made of polyethylene fiber with a height of 12 mm. Includes lines, special adhesive and quartz sand. Court Royal Padel is supplied with matching painted net posts incl. competition net. Consisting of a mechanical post with internal tensioning mechanism and a blind post made of hot-dip galvanized steel. With a profile of 80x80 mm and a height of 95 cm, this complies with the official specifications. The net with a mesh size of 40x40 mm is equipped with a 6 mm wide polyester top band. Delivery incl. plastic-coated, galvanized steel cable. Additional options such as improved artificial turf or different turf color, thicker glass (12 mm), additional lighting, etc. are available for an extra charge.