Tennis Court Broom - Arenga or Plastic


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Product information "Tennis Court Broom - Arenga or Plastic"

Especially great maintenance characteristics can be expected from our Ideal tennis court broom. Both brooms are made with an aluminum rail and also have a three-section pull bar. The working width is effectively 200 cm. You can choose between the plastic brushes Elaston and the natural brushes Arenga. Here it depends entirely on your preferences.

Elaston is a synthetic fiber that has hard brush filaments that remain relatively stable in their shape, are wet-proof and heat resistant up to 60 °C. Large particles of dirt are simply removed by brushing. The Arenga fiber is a natural fiber and optimal for medium to fine dirt. In addition, also straightens up again by itself and is moisture resistant. Both broom bars can be exchanged without any problems.

Technical details:

Working width: 200 cm
Height of brushes: approx. 7cm

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Tennis Court Broom I
Large tennis court broom for all purposes - plastic or piassava A premium Court Royal product from our own production. An important advantage is the large working width of 270 cm. This ensures that less work is required to work on the entire tennis court. The brushes have a height of 10 cm and are particularly thin. Depending on the application, you can choose between a synthetic or Piassava brush. All broom parts are screwed into the robust aluminum frame. The practical handle is attached to the top of the profile with a flexible joint. Technical details (approx.):  Working width:  270 cm  Profile width:  4,5 cm  Bristles:  10 cm  Handle height:  145 cm