DRAGNET PACKAGE 2 x wooden double PVC trawl net
2 x Dragnet wooden double PVC trawl net

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Aluminium Drag Net - Double PVC
Two PVC coated nets 190 x 115 cm, with aluminium rail. Suitable for clay and shale courts.

Aluminium rail
Width 200 cm, complete with drag cord

Aluminum Drag Net - Single PVC
The simple pull-off net with an 8 mm pull rope approx. 3.50 m long and PVC-coated black single-layer trawl net fabric with a mesh size of 4 cm. An effective working width of 190 cm and a depth of 115 cm make this product an ideal puller from our own production. The 5 mm thick net material has a reinforced end edge and is completely weatherproof and tear-resistant. The weight is 4 kg. The main advantages of aluminum are as follows: ✓ Corrosion resistance ✓ Durability: high resistance to weathering. ✓ Recyclability: 100 percent recyclable without losing quality. ✓ Weight: lighter than wood.

Aluminum Drag Net - Special Double
Two special-PVC fabric nets with aluminum rail and pull-handle.Working width 200 cm, depth 150 cm.

Aluminum Drag Net - Special Single
One Extra-PVC fabric net with aluminium rail and drag cord. Working width 190 cm, depth 150 cm.

Broom-Mat Platzfit - 150 cm
Combination broom and mat. Consists of a broom with plastic bristles and PVC drag net. Aluminium rail and handle. Working width 150 cm.  

Coconut Smoothing Mat
The coconut puller is manufactured with the dimensions 200 x 100 cm. The extra heavy wooden rail with a weight of approx. 3 kg is not only used for fastening the pull rope and the coconut carpet, but can also be used as a pull-off bar at the same time. The coconut puller is laid out with a natural fishbone pattern and is uncoated. Edge is coated with black PVC to ensure long life of the mat. Perfect for dry courts, as well as for special court surfaces, such as Canada tennis courts or artificial turf. Technical details: Dimensions: 200 x 100 cm Weight wooden rail:  approx. 3 kg Total weight: approx. 7 kg

Combination Leveler
The newly developed Universal Sport aluminum profile perfects the long-standing concept of the drag mat hard PVC and combiplaner. This special tool combines the advantages of the drag mat Hard PVC and that of a drag net. The PVC front part opens and clears unevennesses and with the rear part of the heavy drag net the open places are smoothed again and scratched filth gets dragged along. All used material is extremely weather-resistant and low-wear. Working width: 185 cm  

Combined Broom 200 cm
The new Combination broom and net. The top court equipment for clay and granular courts. Consists of a plastic/Arenga broom and PVC special net. Aluminium rail and handle. Working width 200 cm.

Combined Hand Leveler
Combination hand leveler and drag net. The ideal tool for smoothing courts after sprinkling or rainfall. Due to the rubber blade and the drag net two operations are done in half the time. Fills unevenness and smoothes the court surface. Working width 200 cm.

Drag cord
Suitable pulling rope for our towing mats - green 3.50 m long with snap hook. Made in Germany.

Drag Net Material Extra
Per piece  á 2 x 1,5 m. Total length of the roll 130 m. For drag net self-assembly.

Drag Net Material PVC
Per piece á 2 x 1,15 m. Total length of the roll 130 m. For drag net self-assembly. 

Ersatzbesen für Bürstenmatte Platzfit
Ersatzbesen 150 cm für Bürstenmatte Platzfit 150

Hard PVC Smoothing Mat
The newly developed Universal Sport aluminum profile perfects the long-standing concept of the drag mat hard PVC and combiplaner. Due to the 15 x 20 cm individual segments a maximum flexibility of the whole application is given. The manifold scratch elements at the bottom side are ideal for rouphening  the place  and at the same time for smoothing the unevenness and cleaning from leaves without damaging the surface. Especially suited for Cannada -Tennis, artificial grass courts and clay courts. All used material is extremely weather resistant and low wear. Dimensions: 185 x 75 cm Illustration: The mat is currently produced with black panels and the "blue angel" seal of approval. 

Aluminium pull handle compatible with all tennis court brooms, broom-mats and wooden drag nets.

Replacement brush Plastic / Arenga 50 cm
Replacement brush plastic / Arenga 50 cm

Replacement coconut smoothing mat
Replacement coconut smoothing mat. Size 200 cm x 100 cm.

Replacement Smoothing Mat for Silica Sand
Replacement Smoothing Mat for Silica Sand.Size 120 x 90 cm.

Smoothing Mat "Super Clean"
Super fast - Super Clean Is designed to very effective and quick removal of leaves, pine needles, etc. from the tennis court. With a size of 180 x 80 cm, the drag mat is extra wide and effectively catches the dirt from your tennis surface in one operation. The mat is made of plastic panels that are perforated in such a way that the leaves get stuck on small prongs and are dragged along. The remaining prongs create an excellent leveling of the surface. Please always make sure that the Super Clean drag mat lies flat on the court. The drag mat is supplied with a towing rope, which is attached to an aluminum towing bar. All materials have been chosen to be absolutely wear-resistant and weatherproof. Weight approx. 5,4 kg. In the following video the product is presented: (color deviation possible)

Special Smoothing Mat for Silica Sand
3 cm long coconut fibers, cast in PVC material. Complete with drag cord. Size 120 x 100 cm. Suitable for thorough distribution of silica sand and rubber granules.    

Uniplan Drag Net 75 cm double
A new idea was born at Universal Sport thanks to our own production and manufacturing. The Uniplan 75 is a trawl net in a class of its own.A double trawl net was attached to the heavy aluminum pull rod for levelling the tennis surface. The double trawl net has a net depth of 75 cm and a working width of 190 cm. But what is the point of a double trawl net? In addition to an even better leveling of the surface, the trawl can be used on both sides. It creates a perfectly smooth tennis surface. In addition to the two eyelets for the pull rope, a break-proof net suspension is also integrated into the aluminum pull rod. This means you can stow the trawl away neatly after use.

Uniplan Exclusiv Court Royal
Premium Drag Net - suitable for all clay courts The new developed premium drag net of our own brand Court Royal is characterized by the keeping of high quality standards. All parts are made in Germany. Excellent double mesh trawl with a length of 75 cm and an effective working width of 190 cm allow even distribution of brick dust on the court. Years of experience and expertise of customers and courtkeepers have been combined in this device. Heavy duty aluminum drawbar with custom aluminum end caps. The device is supplied with green towline. Weight: 6.4 kg.