Aluminum scraper
Our scraper is made of weather-resistant and robust aluminum. It is perfectly suited for scraping off brick dust and removing old material. The triangular profile is fitted with a 2.5 cm thick saw blade on one side. One side has a 2.5 cm thick saw blade, the other side is flat and can be used as an edge for merging the garbage or for filling with new brick dust. If the sharp edges of the saw blade become worn, it can easily be replaced. Take a look at the article: Saw blade for scraper. Please keep the previous screws when replacing the blade. This will ensure that you can use the Scharrier for a long time to come. Weight without handle: 0.9 kgWeight with handle: 1.3 kgLength: 70 cmAluminum profile (L-profile): 5.5 cm wideWidth of the lower edge of the saw blade: 1.7 cmWidth of the upper edge of the saw blade: 2.5 cmSpacing of the teeth: 0.9 cm

Saw blade for wooden rake
Saw blade for plow

Special Rake
Made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, for professional smoothing of clay courts, 66 cm wide, without handle.

Wooden Rake with saw blade
Triangular beech wood, 70 cm wide with saw blade, without handle.

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