Excellent tribunes, player boxes and marking trolleys

In order to attract visitors to competitions, it is important to guarantee a dynamic game and a fully equipped sports facility. A tribune with high level brand quality should not be missing here. To meet customer requirements, we therefore offer our grandstands with two different seat types - "Compact" and "Elegance" grandstand seats. They are available in many colors.

Bench Berlin - white or green
3 plastic legs and 9 multi-chamber plastic slats. Proven high-quality. Weight: 16,8 kg. Made in Germany. 1 Bench in 1 Carton: 201 x 72 x14 cm  weight: 19,60 kg Max 12 pieces on one palett

Bench Cologne
Proven and short 2-seater model with backrest and 1.20 m. Thanks to its compact length, this bench can be used anywhere. It is made of two solid plastic legs and special 9 multi-chamber profile slats. In order to guarantee long durability of the benches, it is necessary to select high quality materials.This is why the Cologne tennis court bench is made of lightweight and absolutely weatherproof plastic. The bench can be completely disassembled and stowed away to save space before the cold winter weather sets in. Due to its low weight of approx. 10.7 kg, it can be transported quickly and easily. Wide plastic feet, which are also equipped with a screw-on device, ensure a secure stand. The Cologne tennis court bench can be ordered in white, green or anthracite using the drop-down menu. Made in Germany, it offers you the best quality and durability at a fair price. Technical details: Length: 120 cm Weight: approx. 10,7  kg Persons:  up to 2 persons Load capacity: 160 kg Seat depth:  54 cm Seat height: 44 cm Seat size:  120 x 38 cm Seat back height: 35 cm Base:  91 x 54 cm Number of slats: 9 Dimensions of the bench slat (LxWxH):  120 x 5 x 3 cm Delivery details: Packaging for one bench: 1 box 123 x 75 x 14 cm / 13 kg Maximum number on one pallet:  15 benches

Bench Freiburg
The Freiburg tennis court bench is our number one seller on the tennis court. The 1.50 m bench fits perfectly on any sideline and can accommodate up to three people. This bench is absolutely carefree and is made of weather-resistant plastic and can therefore remain in location all year through. Completely removable and can be recycled. Equipped with two solid plastic feet and a reinforcement bracket in the middle, the bench ensures a secure stand and high resilience. It can be moved quickly due to its low weight of approx. 13.6 kg. It is possible to attach the bench base to the floor. Manufactured in Germany, we guarantee you the best quality at fair prices. Select the matching color in white or green for your tennis court in the drop down menu. Technical data: Length: 150 cm Weight: 13,6 kg Number of people: up to 3 persons Load capacity: 240 kg Seat depth: 38 cm Seat height: 44 cm Seat size:  150 x 38 cm Seat back height:  35 cm Base:  112 x 54 cm Number of slats: 9 pieces Dimensions of the bench slats (LxWxH):  150 x 5 x 3 cm  Delivery information: Packaging for one bench: One cardboard: 153 x 70 x 13 cm / 16,9 kg Maximum quantity on one pallet: 15 benches

Bench Helgoland
Helgoland is not just a tourist destination on the North Sea, but an icon among sports court benches. Get comfortable and enjoy the premium comfort. The ergonomic backrest adapts perfectly to your spine. The 13 multi-chamber profiles and a reinforcement bracket in the middle ensure perfect stability. Mounting is very easy using the screw set supplied. A length of 150 cm offers enough seating space for up to three people. Thanks to the two solid plastic feet, a maximum load capacity of approx. 240 kg is guaranteed. A footprint of 111 x 64 cm means it fits perfectly on any tennis court. A secure attachment to the floor is provided. A weight of just 17.5 kg makes the bench easy to transport. Choose between white and green via the drop-down menu. Technical data: Length:  150 cm Weight: 17,5 kg Number of persons:  up to 3 persons Load capacity: 240 kg Seat depth:  64 cm Seat height: 45 cm Seat surface: 150 x 45 cm Seat back height: 40 cm Footprint:  111 x 64 cm Number of slats:  13 pieces Dimensions of the bench slat (LxWxH):  150 x 5 x 3 cm Delivery information: Packaging for one bench: One cardboard : 52 x 67 x 21 cm / 21 kg Maximum quantity on one pallet: Max. 8 pieces on one palett.

Bench Hohenzollern
Elegant, yet extremely robust bench for tennis courts and outdoor use. With armrests, seat width 150 cm, seat depth 50 cm. Solid plastic construction with integrated, stainless steel brackets. Seat and back are supplied preassembled to make setting up easier.

Bench Munich - white or green
150 cm long, white 2 plastic legs and 5 multi-chamber plastic slats, without backrest and therefore usable from both sides. Practical and comfortable to sit on. Weight: 7,5 kg. Made in Germany.  1 carton: 153 x 38 x 13 cm / 9 kg Max. 24 pieces on one palett.

Bench package cologne white
2 Benches "cologne" white

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Bench Sindelfingen - white or green
200 cm long, white or green 3 plastic legs and 12 multi-chamber plastic slats. Practical and comfortable to sit on. Weight approx. 24,3 kg. Made in Germany. 1 carton: 200 x 70 x 21,5 / 27,8 kgMax 8 pieces on one palett

Bench Stuttgart
Compared to the Munich bench, this model has a length of 200 cm. Equipped with a complete of three solid plastic feet, it guarantees sufficient stability. A major advantage - up to three people can be seated. High seating comfort and double-sided usability are possible. The weight is approx. 9.9 kg. This bench is available in white and green. Delivery details: Packaging for one bench: 1 box: 200 x 42 x 13 / 11.4 kg Maximum number on one pallet:  24 benches

Deluxe Tennis Bench
Our newly designed tennis court bench has everything you could wish for. Plenty of space (approximately 100 x 45 cm) in the middle for bags and rackets, two comfortable seats, with plastic-, weather- and light-resistant seat pads, 57 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Super robust design. A first class product. Color: white

Grandstand 4 m mobile - 24 seats
Mobile grandstand for indoor and outdoor use This portable grandstand is super easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes. You can quickly and easily create 24 new seats and use them flexibly. With the screwed-on polyamide transport castors, you can move the stand to the desired location and then move it apart. The robust aluminium profiles ensure a stable stand. The grandstand is designed with three rows of 8 seat shells each. The treads are made of non-slip aluminium. The substructure of the stand is also fully welded. The scope of delivery includes 24 seat shells. The following colours can be selected:red RAL 3000white RAL 9016green RAL 6001blue RAL 5015black RAL 9017yellow RAL 1018   If you wish, you can also give us feedback in the comments field if you would like to combine the colours with two colours. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the grandstand seats offer excellent seating comfort. In addition, the fastening materials have been selected in such a way that they are protected against vandalism. The polypropylene seat material selection is also vandal-proof. This includes the fact that they are impact-resistant and have flame-retardant properties. In addition, the seat shells are absolutely colour-fast thanks to their UV resistance and are weatherproof.Technical data:Length: 4.00 mDepth: 2.00 mHeight: 1.10 mSeat height: 0.45 mWe are happy to enquire about other lengths on request. You can also string together as many elements as you like to achieve the desired length.The delivery time is approx. 10 weeks after receipt of order.

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Marking Trolley Special
Capacity approx. 50 liters. Spread width 50 mm and 120 mm. The adjustable riddle screen allows lines to be drawn in varying widths. Large balloon wheels. Empty weight approx. 30 kg.

Marking Trolley Stadion
Capacity of the container approx. 50 l. Spread width 50 and 120 mm, adjustable with hand lever. 2 large air wheels 400 x 100 mm and 2 guide wheels 260 x 85 mm. Handlebars adjustable in height. Weight approx. 28 kg.

Marking Trolley Standard
Double-digit soccer and multisports scoreboard, made of weather-resistant PVC. Color-stable with non-corrosive metal parts. Clear visibility of the digits and easy handling, including S hooks.

Players Tunnel, Foldable
Base frame made of torsion-resistant aluminum profiles with a refractory, flame retardant, waterproof PVC fabric covered, easily foldable. There is a large color selection available. The element length is 1.18 m, minimum length 3.54 m, maximum length in one piece to 16.52 m. The standard width is 2 m and can be used in steps of 50 cm up to max. 4 m. Wheels are standard nylon, but can be supplied in air-ripened version. By ordering, please enter meter number.

PliFix Leveling Aid
Season after season the PliFix stays in place and saves you from measuring each year. You need only mark out the measurements for soccer, rugby or field hockey pitches once. PliFix makes light work of repainting the lines. There is no need to walk from one end of the pitch to the other: just stretch a cord between two Plifix screws and then to the next one. Set contains 25 screws.

Roofing for Court Royal grandstand
For even greater comfort, you can cover your Court Royal grandstand with this self-assembly kit. A stable substructure is made from high-quality anodised aluminium profiles measuring 160 x 100 mm. A large polycarbonate sheet in smoked glass grey serves as the roof. This material is absolutely impact-resistant, UV-resistant and heat-repellent. The kit includes a drainage system. A gutter and a downpipe are included in the scope of delivery. The materials have been selected to guarantee long durability, are hail and frost-proof and are absolutely corrosion-resistant.Technical data: Length 9.83 mWidth 2.73 mHeight 2.94 m

Team Shelter “Champion“
Frame construction made of very sturdy, fully welded special aluminium profiles. Roof and side walls made of transparent unbreakable massive polycarbonate plates. Bottom and rear made of weather resistant 8 mm strong Coplast plates. Bench, backrest and foot rest made of high-quality wooden slats. Dugout is supplied fully assembled. Very sturdy and stable model. Dimensions H x D x W: 205 x 105 x 300 – 600 cm.

Spielerkabine Standard 3 m bis 6 m
Rahmenkonstruktion aus sehr stabilen, vollverschweißten Alu Spezialprofilen. Dach- und Seitenwände aus glasklaren, bruchsicheren Polycarbonat  Massivplatten. Unter- und Rückseite aus wetterfesten 8 mm starken Coplast Platten. Bei dieser Kabine können Sie den Sitzkomfort selbst bestimmen. Wählen Sie zwischen den Bänken München, Freiburg und Helgoland in den Farben weiß und grün. Oder benützen Sie ihre eigenen Bänke. Die Kabine wird in einem Stück geliefert. Keine Aufbauzeit. Sehr robuste, stabile AusFührung. Maße: H vorne 205 x T 105 x B 300 – 600 cm

Tribune Court Royal with 50 seats, three-rowed
The new Tribune Court Royal is suitable for all kind of outdoor sports. It is equipped with 50 comfortable three-rowed seats as well as a middle staircase and rails.  The construction is of steel profile barrels and heavyweight grates as flooring. All steel parts are galvanized and absolutely weather-resistant. The UV-resistant plastic bucket seats offer sitting comfort and can be delivered in different colours. Technical details: • Length:                   9,19 m • Depth:                     2,13 m • Height:                    1,52 m • Seat height:            0,84 m • Capacity:                50 seats • Material tribune:     steel, galvanized • Material seat:          spray-applied propylene,                                   impact-resitant, UV-resistant

Tribune Seat Compact for Self Assembyl - diffrent colors
Made of moulded, shock-resistant, UV-resistant polypropylene according to DIN 4102B1. Fast and simple assembly on nearly every underground due to triple fittings. The attachment points are protected against vandalism. All seat shells are equipped with a water drain. Available in the colours: black, white, orange, green,light green, blue, yellow, red, grey. Please indicate the colour. For an additional charge, the seats can be numbered ( flame-retarding on request ). Weight:  0.810 kg

Tribune Seats Elegance for Self Assembly - different colors
Made of moulded, shock-resistant, UV-resistant polypropylene according to DIN 4102B1. Fast and simple assembly on nearly every underground due to triple fittings. The attachment points are protected against vandalism. All seat shells are equipped with a water drain. Available in the colours: black, white, orange, green, light green, blue, yellow, red, grey. Please indicate the colour. For an additional charge, the seats can be numbered ( flame-retarding on request ). Weight:   1.930 kg

Universal Bench CR FANtastik
Aluminum bench with seat shells The brand new aluminum seat bench from our own production and is exclusively available at Universal Sport. Unique and unrivaled in functionality and quality. Assemble the bench according to your individual preferences. Our proven seats can be easily attached to the aluminum frame with just three screws. This modular system allows a huge variety of colors, such as club colors. The frame is made of natural aluminum and is equipped with a sturdy cross bar. It is UV-resistant and absolutely weatherproof. You can make your choice between 10 different colors. The seat shells have an excellently constructed water drainage system which significantly improves durability. Thanks to its low weight, the bench is easy to transport and can be moved quickly. Screws for fastening and cover caps are included.  Suitable for seats of the "Elegance" line (see accessories) Technical details: Total height:  90 cm Seat height:  50 cm Depth:  45 cm Length:   196 cm Seat shells:  4 pcs. Choice of colors: 10 colors Material: aluminum Country of manufacture: Made in Germany

Wet Marking Trolley Standard
Steel frame construction with weatherproof paintedfinish. Plastic container with approx. 9 liter capacity.Spraying mechanism on the back is operated with ahand lever. Line width adjustable from 50 mm to120 mm. Three large balloon wheels. Height adjustablehandles. Empty weight approx. 12 kg.Size 85 x 52 x 86 cm.