Marking Trolley Special
Capacity approx. 50 liters. Spread width 50 mm and 120 mm. The adjustable riddle screen allows lines to be drawn in varying widths. Large balloon wheels. Empty weight approx. 30 kg.

Marking Trolley Stadion
Capacity of the container approx. 50 l. Spread width 50 and 120 mm, adjustable with hand lever. 2 large air wheels 400 x 100 mm and 2 guide wheels 260 x 85 mm. Handlebars adjustable in height. Weight approx. 28 kg.

Marking Trolley Standard
Double-digit soccer and multisports scoreboard, made of weather-resistant PVC. Color-stable with non-corrosive metal parts. Clear visibility of the digits and easy handling, including S hooks.

PliFix Leveling Aid
Season after season the PliFix stays in place and saves you from measuring each year. You need only mark out the measurements for soccer, rugby or field hockey pitches once. PliFix makes light work of repainting the lines. There is no need to walk from one end of the pitch to the other: just stretch a cord between two Plifix screws and then to the next one. Set contains 25 screws.

Wet Marking Trolley Standard
Steel frame construction with weatherproof paintedfinish. Plastic container with approx. 9 liter capacity.Spraying mechanism on the back is operated with ahand lever. Line width adjustable from 50 mm to120 mm. Three large balloon wheels. Height adjustablehandles. Empty weight approx. 12 kg.Size 85 x 52 x 86 cm.

Wet Marking Trolley Universal
Steel frame construction with weatherproof painted finish. Steel container with approx. 10 liter capacity. Spraying mechanism on the front is operated with a hand lever. Line width adjustable from 50 mm to 120 mm. Four large balloon wheels. Height adjustable handles. Empty weight approx. 19 kg. Size 85 x 52 x 86 cm.