All-Weather Smoothing Broom
The newly developed 200 cm width smoothing broom with 4 replaceable broom parts is the ideal maintenance device for clay courts. The brush section consists of two rows of plastic bristles and three rows of Arenga bristles. The plastic bristles at the front loosen the material, the Arenga bristles at the rear distribute the loosened material evenly over the court. The aluminum base frame has net guards on each side. Complete with a two-part, sturdy aluminum pulling handle. 

Broom for Granular Surfaces
Broom with Arenga bristles for hall floors with rubber granular. The special position of the bristles guarantees an even sliding of the broom. Complete with a very sturdy aluminium handle in three parts. Working width 200 cm.

Granu-Top Broom
An absolute necessity for every tennis granule hall The many advantages of a granulate floor are well known. Rubber granules give the floor good cushioning properties, which leads to less strain on the athletes' joints. To ensure this, however, it is extremely important that it is distributed evenly across the field. Otherwise this positive effect cannot be utilized. This is why our Granutop, with an effective working width of 200 cm and a special arrangement of bristles, promises optimum distribution of the granules on the tennis court. The two ends are each angled at 15 cm and net guides prevent the tennis net or separating net from being torn off. Static charging cleans lint and ball abrasion from the floor covering. Incl. pull handle and weights to prevent annoying bouncing of the broom.

Hand broom ROYAL
Exclusive model made from recycled plastic  The new broom made of recycled plastic is very environmentally friendly. It has a stable joint and a high-quality trim. Due to the reusable materials, there may be variations in the green color structure of the broom.  Technical details: Length brush ca. 27,5 cm Width brush  ca. 4 cm  Height brush  ca. 5,5 cm

Handle for ROYAL aluminum
option: with aluminum handle
Broom handle for Royal hand broom. Made of aluminum. 22 mm diameter, length 1.20 m.

Handle for ROYAL wooden
Ø 23 mm, made of wood, length 1,46 m Dimensions not binding

Line Brush II without handle - Arenga
Brush without handle - Arenga (soft), black

Line Brush II without handle - Plastic
Brush without handle - Plastic (hard)

Line Brush TOP - Arenga
The sustainable alternative  The Arenga fiber is charakterized by a special softness. In addition, the natural material does not cause microplastic. The line brush TOP is a high quality push broom. With stable plastic-coated aluminum handle and joint. The broom is tough and resistant to wetness. It is characterized above all by its environmental friendliness.  Technical details:  Length brush: appr. 28 cm  Wide brush: appr. 4 cm  Height brush: appr. 6 cm 

Line Brush TOP - Plastic
The brush with red plastic trim is characterized by its durability. The push broom with plastic-coated aluminum handle and joint, makes the lines quickly clean. The joint is very stable and movable. The broom is delivered completely assembled.  Technical details: Length brush: appr. 28 cm  Wide brush: appr. 4 cm  Height brush: appr. 6 cm 

Replacement Broom for Steel Broom slim
200 cm

Replacement Brush 200 cm Arenga or plastic red
Ersatzbesen für den Tennisplatzbesen Ideal in Arenga oder Kunststoff

Replacement brush for Granu-Top
Replacement brush for Granu-Top

Replacement brush Plastic / Arenga 50 cm
Replacement brush plastic / Arenga 50 cm

Replacement Brush Plastic yellow
Replacement Brush Plastic yellow, 50 cm.

Replacement brush Special, 50 cm
Replacement brush Special, 50 cm

Replacement brush TOP - Arenga
Replacement brush TOP - Arenga (soft)

Replacement brush TOP - Plastic
Replacement brush TOP - Plastic (hard)

Replacement brushes 135 cm - Piassava or Plastic
Replacement brushes 135 cm - Piassava-bristles

Replacement brushes 50 cm wide - Plastic red or Arenga
Replacement brushes 50 cm wide - Plastic (hard)

Tennis Court Broom - Arenga or Plastic
Especially great maintenance characteristics can be expected from our Ideal tennis court broom. Both brooms are made with an aluminum rail and also have a three-section pull bar. The working width is effectively 200 cm. You can choose between the plastic brushes Elaston and the natural brushes Arenga. Here it depends entirely on your preferences. Elaston is a synthetic fiber that has hard brush filaments that remain relatively stable in their shape, are wet-proof and heat resistant up to 60 °C. Large particles of dirt are simply removed by brushing. The Arenga fiber is a natural fiber and optimal for medium to fine dirt. In addition, also straightens up again by itself and is moisture resistant. Both broom bars can be exchanged without any problems. Technical details: Working width: 200 cm Height of brushes: approx. 7cm

Tennis Court Broom Arenga or Plastic
To ensure optimum playing conditions, high-quality squeegees are an absolute musthave on the tennis court. There are a number of specifications that have been taken into consideration in the design of our brooms. The brush has special bristles that distribute the brick dust evenly and thus remove unevenness to create a smooth surface. With an effective working width of 200 cm, a large area can be covered. This saves important time. For better handling, our broom sections are mounted on an aluminum base frame. This lightweight construction ensures better maneuverability. A huge advantage of this broom model is that it is equipped with four interchangeable broom sections. This makes it very easy to replace the individual broom parts when they are damaged. The bristles have a width of 10 cm. There are net indicators on the base profile to prevent damage to the separating or tennis net. The broom is supplied complete with a two-part, very sturdy aluminum handle. You can choose between Arenga and synthetic fibers via the drop-down menu.

Tennis Court Broom for Quartz Sand
Specially made for quartz sand tennis courts The quartz sand broom developed by Universal Sport is characterized by an excellent maintenance result. Special brushes distribute the sand evenly on the artificial turf. A working width of 200 cm and four exchangeable broom parts ensure that the court is quickly swept. The broom parts are attached to a high-quality aluminum base frame. In addition to the attachable net deflectors, the product also features a sturdy three-piece aluminum pull bar. The yellow PVC-Soft brush fibers are angled to ensure better contact with the ground.  Technical details: Broom parts:  4 pieces Profile depth: approx. 11 cm Pulling width: approx. 200 cm   Total width with net deflector:: approx. 214 cm Length of pulling bar: approx.135 cm Bar width top: approx. 20 cm Bar width at the bottom: approx. 110 cm 

Tennis Court Broom I
Large tennis court broom for all purposes - plastic or piassava A premium Court Royal product from our own production. An important advantage is the large working width of 270 cm. This ensures that less work is required to work on the entire tennis court. The brushes have a height of 10 cm and are particularly thin. Depending on the application, you can choose between a synthetic or Piassava brush. All broom parts are screwed into the robust aluminum frame. The practical handle is attached to the top of the profile with a flexible joint. Technical details (approx.):  Working width:  270 cm  Profile width:  4,5 cm  Bristles:  10 cm  Handle height:  145 cm