Center Strap I
Center strap made of high quality nylon fabric, with brass eyelets. Dimensions: Total length: ca. 138 cm Width: ca. 5 cm 

Center Strap II
option: mit Karabinerhaken
Center strap is made of high quality nylon. The net height can be individually adjusted at any time via the steel-made adjustment loops. The attached snap hook is stable and can be easily fixed in the eyelet.   Dimensions: Total length: approx. 190 cm Width: approx. 5 cm 

Center Strap II without spring hook
Made of PVC with adjustable loops.

Center Strap III
Webbing III is made of high quality nylon fabric and snap hooks. Sturdy plastic buckle and Velcro closure allows you to ideally adjust the height of the net.  Dimensions: Total length: approx. 190 cm  Width: approx. 5 cm

Center Strap IV
Webbing IV is made of high quality nylon fabric. The strap is fastened with a strong Velcro fastener.  Dimensions: Total length: approx. 175 cm Width: approx. 5 cm

Ground Anchor I
Made of stainless steel.

Ground Anchor II
Galvanized, to hammer in, easy to use.

Ground Anchor III
U-shaped, galvanized, to hammer in. The line can be drawn through.

Ground Anchor Special
Steel wire with 3 mm eye loop for attachment. Anchors when secured in the ground.

Ground Anchor Submerged Tube
Made of aluminium for indoor and all-weather courts.

Net repair cord black or green
20 m, 3 mm, Poly black or Poly green

Replacement Tennis Net Headband
Fast to replace, complete with looping string.

Replacement Wire
Replacement wire with loops, 13.80 m long.

Single Net Rods
Fixing the net height  The aluminum single net rods made in our own production are important on every tennis court. A stable construction and large aluminum plate provide good stability. With a weight of only about 370 grams, the net rods are a real lightweight. The total height is about 109 cm. Available in five different colors.  Technical details: Total height: appr. 109 cm Width fork: appr. 2 cm  Diameter plate: appr. 9 cm  Weight: appr. 370 gr.

Tennis Net Altimeter
The practical altimeter for tennis nets should be carried by every tennis player. Just hang the ten- nis racket in the middle of the net over the center band and let the chain with the massive steel ball hang on the oor. When the steel ball touches the ground slightly, you have the prescribed net height of 91,4 cm. Galvanized version with storage bag.

Tennis Net Weight
Tension center strap without ground anchor With the tennis net weight, there is no need to fix ground anchors with foundations in the center of the net. A weight of about 3.7 kg ensures that it is sufficiently heavy to keep the net stable even in severe weather conditions.The cast weight made of solid steel tube is painted green. The suspension eye with a height of about 2 cm is perfect for attaching the center strap. Well suited for indoor courts. Technical details (appr.): Length approx.  29,5 cm Height approx. 4 cm Width approx. 4 cm Suspension eye height approx. 2 cm Weight approx. 3,7 kg

Tennisnet Numbering 1 - 6
Red plates made out of plastic, 30 mm diameter, with white numbers and snap hook to fix it to the tennis net for easy indentification of courts.

Tensioning Screw
Made of galvanized iron, with counter nut.

Universal Center Strap
Center Strap Universal - Proven and Unique The high-strength webbing made of nylon fabric with Universal Sport lettering. The sturdy adjustment loops and special hooks are made of VA stainless. Dimensions: Total length approx. 200 cm Width approx.  5 cm

Webbing Court Royal
Court Royal Center Strap - The Exclusive Choice The high-strength webbing made of nylon fabric with lettering of our own brand Court Royal. The robust adjustment loops and special hooks are made of VA stainless steel. The center strap has been tested for a long time and is characterized by its excellent quality.  Dimensions: Total length approx.  200 cm  Width approx. 5 cm