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Die ultimativen Playmate and Sports Tutor Ballmaschinen für Tennis, Padel und Pickleball. Zusätzlich finden Sie in dieser Kategorie spezifische Ballwände für jeden Bedarf. 

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Air Tennis Wall - different sizes Air Tennis Wall - different sizes
The recently developed Air-Tennis tennis practice wall is the ideal training partner for everyone, from beginners to experts. This product is a unique and absolutely unbeatable piece of training equipment for use in stationary or...
From €1,790.00 *
Ball  machine Tennis Twist Ball machine Tennis Twist
Especially designed for children and beginners. The Tennis Twist can be used in clubs and schools as well as in backyards, driveways and even basements. The machine is very easy to use - just turn it on and it shoots a ball every five...
€585.00 *
Ball machine Tennis Tutor Plus Ball machine Tennis Tutor Plus
The ball machine Tennis Tutor PLUS is battery operated. It is portable and rollable like a suitcase when the handle is pulled out. The ball speed is adjustable from a light throwing ball for beginners to a high-speed ball for advanced...
€3,150.00 *
Ball machine Tennis Tutor ProLite Ball machine Tennis Tutor ProLite
The wide speed range makes this machine a superb choice for all beginners. Due to the small size and light weight it can be stored easily and fits in almost all car trunks. A good choice for sports lessons in schools as well as for...
€1,899.00 *
Ballmachine Playmate i-Smash Dream Ballmachine Playmate i-Smash Dream
Playmate i-Smash - For continuous operation Safety according to CE - certification The Playmate i-Smash is the highlight of the ball throwing machines. It complies with the highest safety requirements and has a CE certification compared...
€10,499.00 *
Ball Machine Playmate Volley Dream open Ball machine Playmate Volley Dream
The ball machine Playmate Volley Dream is a high-quality portable ball throwing machine with aluminum housing and battery operation. It meets the highest safety requirements. There is a sensor installed, which immediately stops the ball...
€5,999.00 *
Tennis Net Training Wall Tennis Net Training Wall
Ideal tennis training wall - Ideal training partner A trainer that is always and everywhere at your disposal. The transportable tennis net training wall consists of plug-in steel tubes in painted black and screwed to the stand feet to...
€199.00 *
Metal stands for Air Tennis Wall Metal stands for Air Tennis Wall
Metal stands for Air Tennis Wall.
€595.00 *
Smash-Back Training Wall Type II E Smash-Back Training Wall Type II E
Made of acrylic and frostproof concrete. Homogeneously sealed green coating offers additional protection. Parabolic playing surface guarantees a spot-on ball rebound. The white marking lines are indestructible. This training wall is...
Replacement net for Tennis Net Training Wall Replacement net for Tennis Net Training Wall
Training Wall 2.60 x 2.0 m
€89.00 *
Replacement springs for Tennis Net Training Replacement springs for Tennis Net Training
Replacement springs. 20 pcs.
€47.00 *
Remote Control Playmate Remote Control Playmate
General remote control for all Playmate ball machines.
€199.00 *
Charger Charger
For Playmate Transportable
€289.00 *
Power Pack Power Pack
Power Pack for Playmate Transportable
€329.00 *
Ejection Wheels - 15,3 cm Ejection Wheels - 15,3 cm
For Playmate Transportable
€499.00 *
Ejection Wheels  - 20 cm Ejection Wheels - 20 cm
For Playmate ACE and i-Smash
€489.00 *
Covering Hood - Playmate-i-Smash Covering Hood - Playmate-i-Smash
for Playmate-i-Smash
€198.00 *
Ball machine "Tennis Tutor" Ball machine "Tennis Tutor"
The "Tennis Tutor" from Sports Tutor is a battery-operated ball machine. With the compact dimensions of 31x50x50 cm and the low weight of 19 kg, the machine is easy to transport for everyone. Thanks to the extendable handle and the...
€2,699.00 *
Ballwurfmaschine Court Royal Power Play mit Netz Court Royal Power Play
The ball thrower with catch net Court Royal Power Play is the ideal training device on any tennis court and any surface. Perfect training even away from tennis courts, for example on schoolyards, public sports fields, grass courts and...
€3,999.50 * €7,999.00 *
Ballwurfmaschine Padel Tutor Plus Ballwurfmaschine Padel Tutor Plus
Speziell für Padelbälle Die Tennis Tutor Padel ist eine batteriebetriebene Ballwurfmaschine und speziell für Padelbälle konzipiert. Mit den kompakten Abmessungen von 51x50x51 cm und einem Gewicht von nur 21,6 kg , ist diese ideal zu...
€3,150.00 *
Ball Machine Pickleball Tutor Mini Ball Machine Pickleball Tutor Mini
The ultimate pickleball training opportunity The new ball thrower is a novelty and was designed specifically for pickleball. Fully equipped and incredibly user friendly. The compact design with 38 x 33 x 30 cm paired with a low weight of...
€1,399.00 *

Due to the current difficult situation on the world market when purchasing raw materials - raw material scarcity - aluminum, steel, plastic…. and significantly increased transport costs - unfortunately there are delivery bottlenecks and price increases. Please note the information on this for the individual articles.

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