AIR Tennis repair kit
For repair work on the AIR Tennis wall.

Air Tennis Wall - different sizes
The recently developed Air-Tennis tennis practice wall is the ideal training partner for everyone, from beginners to experts. This product is a unique and absolutely unbeatable piece of training equipment for use in stationary or transportable mode. It comes in a bag and is easy to transport. To set it up, simply unfold it on the ground and roll it out. Use the bellows (supplied), then fill it with air - it just takes seconds. You can use the air pressure gage, also supplied, to check that the air pressure is at the right level, as this also affects the way the ball bounces back. There are also attachment straps on both sides for attaching the practice wall to our pairs of stands, fences, or sports hall walls. The ground protection sheet, also supplied, is simply attached to the rear side of the wall with hook and loop fastener. You can also empty it in seconds, simply by turning over the bellows. Players can play on both sides of the Air-Tennis practice wall. It has lines marked on it at the height of the net to guide the player. Tested by international trainers who rated it very highly. 300 x 180 cm  400 x 180 cm  500 x 180 cm  AIRGYM – PROBLEM SOLVING: It seems that our Airtrack is losing air -> Please open the following file (PDF) Airgym-problem-solving-loss-of-air-202208

Metal stands for Air Tennis Wall
Metal stands for Air Tennis Wall.

Replacement net for Tennis Net Training Wall
Training Wall 2.60 x 2.0 m

Replacement springs for Tennis Net Training
Replacement springs. 20 pcs.

Tennis Net Training Wall
Ideal tennis training wall - Ideal training partner A trainer that is always and everywhere at your disposal. The transportable tennis net training wall consists of plug-in steel tubes in painted black and screwed to the stand feet to guarantee a stable stand. The entire frame has a total size of 2.80 x 2.20 m. The enclosed net with the dimensions of 2.60 x 2.20 m is equipped with ring loops, in which the springs are inserted and combined with a hook.