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Whether tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer, volleyball or the new trend sports padel and pickleball, we always supply top quality products. This high standard is a fundamental aspect for us. Many of our products are manufactured in Germany, "Made in Schönaich". Look out for the Court Royal logo and the GS quality seal.

Foresighted, timely purchasing of goods ensures our famous fast delivery capability across all seasons. Competent contact partners will be happy to support and advise you at any time.

Our current recommendations for you

Tennis net package - 2 x TN 20

€476.00* €536.00* (11.19% saved)
DRAGNET PACKAGE 2 x wooden double PVC trawl net

€298.00* €338.00* (11.83% saved)
Hand Broom Royal Package

€86.00* €106.00* (18.87% saved)
Bench package cologne white

€280.00* €330.00* (15.15% saved)
FANtastic bench package

€1,099.00* €1,300.00* (15.46% saved)