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Padel Court Royal

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Padel- A Trend Sport Establishes Itself in the Sports World How to play padel tennis? The... more
Product information "Padel Court Royal"

Padel- A Trend Sport Establishes Itself in the Sports World

How to play padel tennis?

The system is similar to the classic game of tennis.  At 10x20 m, a padel court is much smaller than a tennis court. A net in the middle separates the playing fields. The net has a height of 0.88 m in the centre and a maximum of 0.92 m on the outside towards the posts. Four walls surround the padel court. These consist of a combination of steel columns, wire mesh, frames and safety glass. The walls are three metres high at the sides and four metres high at the backs. The playing surface is artificial turf filled with quartz sand. Padel is played classically as doubles, although singles is also possible. The aim is to hit the ball into the opposite court and win the point. The back and side walls may be involved. In addition to a special padel racket, balls with low air pressure are also needed.

Padel court foundation

It requires a solid substructure to anchor the steel structure securely and firmly in the ground. There are two construction systems. In outdoor areas, a strip foundation with permeable asphalt is often recommended. Good drainage allows rainwater to run off quickly. Alternatively, a construction with a slab of reinforced concrete and a slope is possible. This option does not provide sufficient frost protection. Another aspect is the building permit with the competent authority. The construction of a foundation counts as a building and must therefore be clarified with an architect or building contractor.  In addition, an application should be submitted in time to avoid construction delays.

Court Royal Padel

The new padel court complies with the regulations of the German Padel Federation (DPB) and the International Padel Federation (FIP). Consisting of a supporting steel structure, safety glass, wire mesh panels, artificial grass with dimensions of 10x20 m. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Court Royal Padel is designed for permanent installation in a fixed location. In addition, the court can be equipped with four floodlight poles incl. LED spotlights according to EN 12193 (not included in delivery).

The complete steel construction according to EN 10219 is made of hot galvanised steel and painted with a duroplastic polyester paint. This combination ensures very good weather resistance. A total of 20 columns with a profile of 80x80x2mm and a height of 3 metres support the structure. In addition, there are 30 steel frames in which the glass and wire mesh panels are fixed. At the sides and above the back walls, wire mesh panels are fixed in the frames. These are reinforced with two transverse steel tubes and have mesh sizes of 48x48x4 mm. All screws are made of stainless steel. The four corners of the construction are rounded from outside with special steel profiles. Two free entrances in WPT design with a width of 100 cm allow quick entry and exit. The construction can be selected in green (RAL6005), blue (RAL5017), dark grey (RAL7016) and black (RAL9004). 

A total of 18 glass panels of 2,995 x 1,995 mm made of toughened safety glass according to EN 12150 and 10 mm thick are fixed into the frames. High-quality rubber seals with a thickness of 5 mm absorb shocks and vibrations. There are six holes in a glass panel where special screws connect the glass to the frame. 

Surface is a green quartz sand-filled synthetic grass according to EN 147301 made of polyethylene fibre with a height of 12 mm. Including liner, special glue and quartz sand. 

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