Goals and equipment for champions

Whether on the football pitch, in the garden or on the soccer field - with the right soccer goals and the right equipment, every game becomes an unforgettable experience. Our high-class soccer goals are robust, durable and ideal for any terrain. Whether for a recreational match in the garden or intensive training on the pitch, they offer stability and safety with every shot. From mini goals for the little ones to professional goals for adults - we have the right goal for every age and skill level.
Beer Box Kicker World Cup Soccer
This newly developed mini kicker fits all standard beer crates and can also be used as a foosball table.A top gift idea for the football World Cup in Russia.This beer box kicker has a durable MDF body, whereby the insensitive surface is easy to clean. The hard-wearing playing field is approx. 46 x 29 cm. By raised cymbals finds no game interruption.Integrated ball goal boxes on the front end complete the playing comfort. Continuous play bars run in smooth-running plastic plain bearings and have molded black handles, which provide optimum ball feel. End caps on the play bars provide the necessary security. You screwed plastic game figures are attenuated to the body wall inside with distance buffers.The scope of supply includes 2 pieces of kicker balls and assembly instructions.

Brush-Starmaster 1 and 2
This is the ideal maintenance unit for synthetic turf with sand infill. The three-point suspension and the pulling rope are designed for use with a towing vehicle. The weight of approx. 80 kg has been chosen in such a manner that neither weighting nor hydraulic pressure are required. The brush harrow is used to prevent the growth of moss and grass on the turf surface. For careful maintenance of the surface we recommend our nylon towing mat. There is a choice of two models: The sturdy hot-dip galvanized steel frame with 3 ows of strong bristles which enable optimal maintenance. The triangular brush harrow is particularly suitable for uneven surfaces and sand holes. Ideal for filling in with sand maintenance of all synthetic turf surfaces with sand or rubber granulate infill.

From €1,049.00*
Car Flag Germany and Football Clubs
 Different flags football clubs and Germany flag

Chalk Spray 750 ml
Mipa chalk spray is ideal for touching up markings on the tennis court. The spray is a special paint that dries quickly and is environmentally friendly. It can also be easily used as a temporary marker in parking lots or other areas. The marking wears off automatically depending on weather conditions and use. In this set you get 2 bottles with 750 ml. To mark a tennis court completely, you need 2 bottles.

Corner Pole 30 with ground sleeve
Made of polyethylene, 30 mm Ø, white, bendable, shatterproof, weather-proof, indestructible, colorfast, length 160 cm, complete with ground sleeve and cover, including red flag.Colour: white or neon yellow

Corner Pole 50 with ground sleeve
Made of polyethylene, 50 mm Ø, white, bendable, shatterproof, weather-proof, indestructible, colorfast, length 160 cm, complete with ground sleeve and cover, including white or neon yellow flag. 

Corner Pole 50 with tilt link
Made of polyethylene, 50 mm Ø, white, bendable, shatterproof, weather-proof, indestructible, colorfast, length 160 cm, including white or neon yellow flag 

Flag for Corner Pole - different colors
Flag for corner poles.  50 x 45 cm for 50 mm in different colors

Consists of: 4 aluminum tubes, connectable, length per tube: 165 cm, 50.88 mm, thickness: 1.05 mm, total assembled length: 6.20 m, from ground: 5.80 m. Accessories: 12 m nylon cord for raising flag, plastic floor sleeve: 350 x 51 mm made from PE. For top of flagpole: 2 nylon hooks to attach to flag, including polyester flag 120 x 80 cm. Easy to assemble. Suitable for personal use. Select flag.

Goal" Pop-up"
für Taktik-Übungen. Schnell und einfach aufbaubar, 2 Stück inkl. Tasche.

Ground anchor for indoor floors
Consists of 2 countersink plates with threaded screw and 2 hand wheels.

Ground anchor for outdoor
Consists of 2 aluminum sleeves with threaded screw to be set in concrete and 2 hand wheels.

Ground sleeve cover Universal
Coatable with artificial or plastic turf. Frame for installing in concrete with cover and chain. Thousands in use and approved. Suitable for all types of ground sleeves.

Integral Net Fastener
Safe net suspension, no furling or inserting, even distance of the mount points. Particularly stable and regular fit of the net, no sliding out of the net. Particularly attractive design.

Marking Paint Color white
This is one of the top-selling marking paints. For any wet marking trolley on turf fields. No lime or corrosive solvents; does not harm the environment, humans or animals. Biodegradable, rain proof, durable for up to 4 weeks, highly visible. Mixing ratio 1:6.

Marking Trolley Special
Capacity approx. 50 liters. Spread width 50 mm and 120 mm. The adjustable riddle screen allows lines to be drawn in varying widths. Large balloon wheels. Empty weight approx. 30 kg.

Marking Trolley Stadion
Capacity of the container approx. 50 l. Spread width 50 and 120 mm, adjustable with hand lever. 2 large air wheels 400 x 100 mm and 2 guide wheels 260 x 85 mm. Handlebars adjustable in height. Weight approx. 28 kg.

Marking Trolley Standard
Double-digit soccer and multisports scoreboard, made of weather-resistant PVC. Color-stable with non-corrosive metal parts. Clear visibility of the digits and easy handling, including S hooks.

Marking Trolley Universal
Capacity of the container approx. 35 l. Spreading width 50 mm. Solid rubber wheels and a guide wheel. Handlebars adjustable in height. Can be switched off with a hand lever. Weight approx. 17 kg.

MAXI Aluminum Training Goal - adjustable
180 x 120 cm, 80 cm deep. Hinged net brackets, with floor tube. Complete with net made from high-strength 3 mm polypropylene. 10 cm mesh width. 

MAXI Aluminum Training Goal - fully welded
The training goal made in our own production is characterized especially by the high quality manufactured aluminum. The combination of specific materials and solid construction made this goal to a premium product - Made in Germany. Supplied with a high-strength goal net made of 3 mm polypropylene with a mesh size of 10 cm. The goal frames are made of a 50 x 50 mm aluminum special profile. Technical details: Type: fully welded Material: aluminum Inside dimensions (WxHxD):  180 cm x 120 cm x 80 cm Outside dimensions (WxHxD):  190 cm x 125 cm x 85 cm Aluminum special profile:  50 x 50 mm

MAXI Aluminum Training Goal - Replacement Net
 Replacement Net 

MINI Aluminum Training Goal - adjustable
Special aluminum mini goal 120 x 80 cm We offer a high-quality aluminum mini soccer goal from our own production - Made in Germany. The main advantage is that this goal can be optimally folded and stowed. With the dimensions 120 x 80 x 80 cm (WxHxD), professional teams can practice with it. The aluminum special profile is equipped with a ground tube. This is supplied with net made of 3 mm polypropylene high strength with 10 cm mesh size. The following video shows the quick assembly as an example:

MINI Aluminum Training Goal - Replacement Net
Net made from high-strength 3 mm polypropylene. 10 cm mesh width. 120 x 80 cm, 80 cm deep