Marking Plates


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Product information "Marking Plates"

Cones for footwork training, training aid and target marking

The plates with a diameter of approx. 19 cm and a height of approx. 5 cm are made of soft PVC. Good resistance to deformation and wear ensures a long durability. The set is supplied with a space-saving carrying system and includes 50 plates in five different colors. They are very sturdy and flexible for use in all types of sport. In tennis training, for example, footwork can be improved in the form of changes of direction and multidirectional sprints. The cones are also suitable for marking target fields. In children's training, they can be used to set up different courses.

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Accessory Items

Hurdles Set
6 hurdles, adjustable in height to 20 cm and 33 cm. Width 44 cm, Complete with bag.

Marking Cone 40
The marking cones are 40 cm high and available in red, yellow, green and blue. The cones perform a number of important tasks both on the tennis court and on any sports field. Due to their height, they are ideal for target practice and court demarcation in tennis lessons. They are also ideal for use in athletic training, e.g. for footwork or change of direction exercises. Robust, high-quality plastic and a long service life are also guaranteed with this product.

Marking Markers
Ideal for marking in training. Soft hemisphere with 20 cm Ø in 4 different colours, height 9 cm, 40 pieces stakked on a carrier pole.

Marking Cone 28 - in 4 different colors
Plastic, 28 cm high for multiple use

Marking Cone 24
Red plastic, 24 cm high.

Training Bow Plastic
Flexible plastic material with steel spikes. individually adjustable form 30 – 60 cm.